Excursion along the canal in summer

Summer is the best time for a tour of the Neva. The Neva River is the main river in St. Petersburg. Our city is famous for its beautiful architecture, which is best seen traveling along the Neva River.

What is unique in this trip?

Very interesting tour will take place during the trip. Especially exciting is the trip at night, during the White Nights, when the bridges are raised. Time will fly by and you will plunge into the magical atmosphere of our city.


Along coast there are such famous buildings as the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress, Kunstkamera.


Visiting the Hermitage you can look into the Egyptian room and plunge in the times of the pharaohs, mummies and pyramids.

A little about Neve...

Neva originated from the Ladoga Lake and empties into the Gulf of Finland. On its shores are 4 city, its length is 74 km and through it spanned 342 city bridges.

Good luck!

We wish you an unforgettable experience of traveling along the main river in St. Petersburg!
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