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May 9-13 - STAAR Week

Monday: Review for STAAR

Tuesday: Review for STAAR


Thursday: Social Studies STAAR

Friday: Begin Junkyard Wars

Junkyard Wars

Junkyard Wars will be a project where each class will be given a challenge and the students will work in groups to complete the challenge. Some challenges include: making a rubberband powered car, super strength structure, bridge making, marble mazes... We will have classroom competitions on Friday, May 20 and our winner will go to the grade level competition on Monday, May 23.

If you have any random things like egg cartons, 2 liter bottles, yogurt containers, coffee cans, sour cream sized containers, feel free to wash them and send them with your student to science. We will use them in our activity. Thanks in advance.

Science STAAR: MAY 11

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