Twelfth Night/She's the Man Smore

by : Alexander Manthei

Viola's Identity (Twelfth Night)

She would say that she is a woman trying to find herself after an accident. And that she is in wants to hide away until she can do this. So she wants to conceal her identity by disguising herself up as a guy. This way he can become a servant of a man named Duke Orsino. and the only way she can do that is by disguising herself as a man. In the text it, "help me conceal my identity, and find me the right disguise so I can look the way I want. I want to be this Duke’s servant."

Viola's Gender (Twelfth Night)

She experiences her gender harshly. Because she is a girl she is not allowed to work for duke Orsino. So she was forced to disguise herself as a guy. She ended up falling in love with Orsino but since she is pretending to be a guy she cant confess her feelings to Orsino and at the same time Orsino is in love with another girl named Olivia. And Orsino made Viola tell his feelings to Olivia and after that Olivia fell in love with Viola not knowing she was a girl. One example to support my statement is through the text, "I’ll do my best to make this lady love you.—(to herself) But what a tough task!—I have to go matchmaking for the man I want to marry myself!".

Others Perception Of Viola (Twelfth Night)

Other people would think of Viola/Cesario as smart because if she wasn't then Orsino wouldn't have sent her to Olivia's to send her the message. They would also think about her as cunning because the sea captain was there when Viola made up her plan on the spot. Also they can think of her as a problem solver because she any obstacle she comes across she figures out a way to get herself out of the situation she's in. And example of her showing these traits is in the statement, "Now will not I deliver his letter, for the behavior of the young gentleman gives him out to be of good capacity and breeding. His employment between his lord and my niece confirms no less."

Similarities To Viola (Twelfth Night)

Viola and I are both similar because we both are smart. I say this because when we both know how to figure things out on our own. Another way we are similar is because we are both determined on the things we want. Just like Viola is determined to get Olivia to like Orsino I am determined on the things I like to do. We are also similar because we both are willing to speak our mind. Just as Viola speaks her mind to Olivia, I speak my mind to everyone I know.

Differences to Viola (Twelfth Night)

While Viola is comfortable with lying to others I myself am not so comfortable with lying. Where as Viola lies to everyone about being a man I will usually say nothing at all. Another way we are different is that I am willing to confront conflicts as she would back away from a fight. Meaning when it comes to an argument I would gladly argue with that person where as Viola would back out of a fight.

Viola Identity (She's the Man)

She is a girl who likes to play soccer. She wanted to play on the guys team but the guys thought that she couldn't play with them because she was a girl. So she dumped her boyfriend because he was the one who told her no to begin with. She likes soccer so much so that she disguised herself as a guy to play on the guys team.

Viola's Gender (She's the Man)

Because of the fact that Viola is a girl she isn't allowed to play on the guys soccer team. So she had to disguise herself to look like her brother Sabastian to play on the guys team. In which she met a man named Orsino and wanted to be taught by him. So to be taught by Orisno she had to get a girl named Olivia to fall in love with him as Viola fell in love with him too. And in return he would teach her how to play soccer better.

Others Perception of Viola (She's the Man)

At first she started of as trying too hard to look like a guy so at first people didn't know what to make of Sebastian/Viola. Also she is willing to accept help from others because when she was at the lab dissecting the frog she wasn't willing to do it so she asked her lab partner to help for it. At the same time she was willing to ask Orsino to help her learn how to play soccer better. That shows she is willing to accept help. It ends well because at the end of the movie they accepted her as herself and let her play the soccer game with the guys.

Similarities to Viola (She's the Man)

One way I am similar to Viola is that we are both willing to help our friends. An example of that would be that I help my friends install the games they want while as Viola helps Orsino get the girl he wants. Another way we are similar is that we both care about the things we are passionate about. An example of that would be that I care about gaming in any way and Viola cares about playing soccer.

Differences to Viola (She's the Man)

One way we are different is that I am not a physical fighter while Viola is. An example of that would be that I get in a lot of arguments but no physical fights while Viola is a soccer player and fights a game with the guys. Another way we are different is that Viola is more athletic while I am more mentally stimulant. An example of this would be that Viola plays soccer which is an athletic sport while I like to do things that make me think.