MCHS English Department

Weekly Update


Keep in Mind

  • Student of the Term breakfast is coming up October 18. Let's start with seniors. So, senior teachers, please be thinking about a student you would like to nominate.


  • Mastery Manager forms can now print to production.
  • Powerschool may come out with a "minimizer" function so that all students in a class period will show up when entering grades. Thank you for your patience with this; apparently Powerschool is hearing from many districts about this issue.

Help Me!

  • If you are on cycle and would like to use FileMaker Pro to enter your student growth data and/or pre/post conference answers, but need a bit of help getting comfortable with the program, please let me know and we will schedule a time to work on it together.


  • This is a reminder that grades are private, so please be diligent to not disclose student grades in class where other students may see them. For more information, click here.

Department Meeting

  • We will have a department meeting on 9/27 from 3:15-4:15. The meeting will be at Central room 199. I have talked to quite a few teachers who are expressing concerns about "handling the paper load" when it comes to grades and giving students quality feedback. I am planning on discussing this at our meeting. If you have any other ideas or suggestions for this time, please let me know.

Progress Reports

  • As a reminder, parents are still made aware of progress report grades, but semester grades are comprised of 80% semester work and 20% final exam. Click here for dates.

Please don't Forget

  • Please fill out the common PLC form and submit to me by the end of the day on late start days (PLC days). One form per team. I only received 4 forms at this last PLC day.

Sean's Tentative Schedule for Next Week

Monday Morning: South Afternoon: Central

Tuesday Morning: South Afternoon: Central

Wednesday Morning: South Afternoon: Central

Thursday Morning: South/Central Afternoon: Central

Friday Morning: South Afternoon: Central


Please continue to get comfortable with using Ryver. Many teams are starting to do quite a bit with the program. There have been some good conversations and sharing of ideas on the main forum, but I've also seen a lot on individual teams. Please continue to post or transfer (by linking) curriculum resources to your team sites.

From the Article, I found myself pondering this thought:

"[G]rammar is not transferred to writing situations, and that furthermore, much of it could not be transferred anyway. Areas of writing such as content, organization, and formulation of a thesis lie outside the purview of grammar. This reality should cause English teachers to be honest enough to address the areas of grammar that do relate directly to writing. This recognition entails building upon the innate knowledge of grammar and usage that students already have. But if students are to put their knowledge to useful application, they will need to become aware of their knowledge-their innate, generalized linguistic competence. As students speak and write, they create the texts upon which resourceful and competent teachers draw to assist them in their application of grammatical and usage principles to their writing and speaking."