Lord of The Flies Project

Brett Zanotto

Goverment- Jack

Jack in the story reminds me of a dictatorship. A Dictatorship is a "form of government where political authority is monopolized by a single person or political entity, and exercised through various mechanisms to ensure the entity's power remains strong." Jack only wants his way and wont let anyone else tell him differently. As a leader he is abusive, controlling and relentless. An example of him being abusive is in chapter 10 "Hes going to beat up Wilfred." " Hes been... Hes been tied up for hours, waiting." Hr torturers one of his tribe members Wilfred. On top of that he was a big influence in the killing of two kids on the island. He is a modern day Kim Jong-un who share the same traits as Jack. They both believe in total control and wont hesitate to kill their own people.

Goverment- Raplph

Ralph in the story reminds me more of a democracy. Its a "system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives."" The people are involved in the decision about their affairs." Ralph reminds me of this form of government because he wants everyone on the island to have a voice. The quote " Thats why Ralph made a meeting. So as we can decide what to do" form chapter one, shows how Ralph believes in a system where everyone has a voice just like a democracy. Ralph also wanted there to be a vote on who was named chief. He didn't want one appointed without everyone's input.

Past Civil War

"The Republic of the Congo Civil War, lasting from June 1997 to December 1999, was fought between partisans of two presidential candidates, which ended in an invasion of Angolan forces and installation of Dennis Sassou Nguesso to power." " When on June 5, President Lissouba's government forces surrounded Sassou Nguesso's compound in Brazzaville, Sassou Nguesso ordered his militia to resist. Thus began a 4-month conflict that destroyed or damaged much of the capital." Soon after, Sassou Nguesso declared himself President and named a 33-member government. Between 13,929 and 25,050 battle related deaths between 1996 and 1999. This war is just like the battle of Ralph and Jack. They both want to be president of the tribe but cant be. "Cheif said we got to challenge everyone" is a quote from chapter 10 saying Jacks group needs to challenge Ralph's. Which is a parallel of Lissouba invading Nguesso's compound.

Somali Civil War

"The Somali Civil War is an ongoing civil war taking place in Somalia. It grew out of resistance to the Siade Barre regime during the 1980s. By 1988–90, the Somalia Armed Forces began engaging various armed rebel groups, including the Somalia Salvation Dramatic Front in the northeast, the Somalia National Moment in the northwest, and the United Somalia Congress in the south. The clan-based armed opposition groups eventually managed to overthrow the Barre government in 1991. Central authority dissolved, warlords rose, and autonomous regional governments were established in the northern part of the country". The reason for the fighting was because the Fall of Barre regimen, consolidation of states and conflict between radical Islamists and government. To try and solve the conflict the UNITAF and UNOSOM peacekeeping forces were able to decrease the fighting. In my opinion the group that wins will have the strongest force and strive for what they believe in.

Own Government

For my own island society I would choose a Democracy. I would apply this type of society because I think it is the smartest choice. It allows everyone to have a voice and participation in the society. It will also keep the leader from abusing his power which is very important. A leader will be chosen through tests and voting. There will be group meeting on every thursday, mandatory bonding activities and fitness activities. Everyone in the society will also have specific jobs. One person will have a job of tending to shelter, gathering food, making fires and other jobs. There will also be the ability of kicking the current leader out of his spot. If majority of the society has a problem with how the leader in doing things they can be voted out. The rules will be enforced with punishment of no food, fire or shelter for 2 days.