The Soccer Culture

By Jairo Carvajal and Makoy Forman-Howard

This is a culture influenced by a world known as the sport, soccer. Every thing in our culture is soccer related to.

Daily Life

Soccer has influenced the way we dress, we wear Nike or Adidas clothes while wearing any type of foot wear related to soccer. Our national dance is the Colombian celebration. Our foods are compiled from countries around the world symbolizing diversity and unity in our culture.


Our religion is Christianity because it is the most widely accepted religion in the word, it is monotheistic only worshiping one god. The symbol for Christianity is a cross and people who take part in Christianity are Christians. The sacred text of the religion is the Holy Bible, some say it hold's the answers to life.


Our culture's government is a Democracy having elections after every World Cup (4 yrs). democracy is a type of government where the leader rules with citizens consent, which means the citizens rule the government.


Our cultures economy is a market economy in which individual sellers and buyers choose the cost of things