Andrea individual action inspired by the film,Rudy

Setting goals

Academic goals:to go to a very good university

Athletic goals:join in running or cheer for high school

Personal goals:To go to harbor university


Teachers/Coaches:Area,Jezowski,Barsalou,and Baron


Friends:The ones who care about me the most.

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical obsticals:to practice my push-ups more

Family obstacles:Family problems

School obstacles:going to read more when I have time.

Financial obstacles:to not waste money on things I don't need like candy.

Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/motivation plan:to not be depress all the time and to be more confident.

Education/training plan:study for all test do extra credit if needed.

Plan for acquiring needed skills:I need to practice more in reading.

Plan for study and practice:to don't let thing get in my way go forward.