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Steven Balasingam - Papa John's Pizza


Time of Demo:

Description of the Activity:

I'm going to demonstrate the process of order taking and hand-tossing a pizza.

Details of Activity:

I will demonstrate processing an order and hand-tossing a pizza.

1. Greet customer.

2. Input customers info into system.

3. Input item(s) that customer would like to order.

4. Try to upsell other products.

5. Repeat and confirm order.

6. Order sticks will automatically be printed out, these go on the pizza box.

7. Hand toss a pizza dough, place it on a metal screen.

8. Add topping accordingly.

9. Place pizza in oven.

10. Place any other side items in the oven, for example wings or breadsticks.

11 After 5 minutes take items from the oven.

12. Box the sides and pizza.

13. Cut the pizza inside the box and add any dips to the box.

14. Place the boxes on the heat rack until it's ready to be picked up or delivered.


I chose to demonstrate this because hand-tossed pizza is the main product that Papa John's sells. It is very difficult to get a hang of and takes a lot of practice to master. Papa John's takes each individual pizza seriously so each must pass very specific standards.

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