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January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015.webm

How young do you feel?

Lisa Wildman sent this video and said that she would be doing the same if she gets to keep working another 60 years. I dare you not to smile watching it.
97 year old women dancing in the streets on Italy

Fire Drill

Tuesday at 9:00, weather permitting.

Staff Survey

Please take a moment to take this survey. We have had 26 respondents so far. If you have already taken it you don't need to take it again. We need to have 75% of our staff respond. This is different than the RBES survey which we took on the January Teacher Workday. THis one feeds into our State CCRPI report cards. Click HERE for the survey.


The third grade will no longer be emptying the recycling bins for the school. Each class will be responsible for their own recycling. Due to safety concerns, please do not allow students to recycle without an adult present. Parent volunteers can be used to help monitor students while emptying the bin.

Goals of Collaborative Planning

As you meet on Tuesdays, these should be the things you look to do!

1. Collaboratively plan lessons

2. Use data/student work to plan

3. Deconstruct the standards