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Week of September 23rd-27th, 2019

Are You Happy?

Our PD from Thursday on the 7 mindsets got me really thinking about am I happy with what I'm doing? The stats that she put up about adults, and over 55% of them not liking their current job, was saddening to me. I love my job, I love the people I work with, and I love our students. Statistics say that isn't the case for everyone. Are there things that could make my job better? Sure, but the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I came from a corporation where I was making about $18,000 more, than I do now, as an assistant principal and I dreaded going in to work. I can honestly say I didn't love what I was doing and I wasn't happy. I would encourage you if you aren't happy to do a couple of things. Look at why you may not be happy, is there anything you can control and change? If the answer is yes then change it. If the answer is no, then maybe you need to decide if this job/profession is what you really want to be doing. Everyone deserves the right to be happy. I would encourage you if your aren't happy teaching to look at other avenues or talk to people and see what changes could be made to help you find happiness. I made the decision to leave Goshen and come to CNP (WL) because it was elementary and that is where my passion was. Making a change with more responsibility and less money was scary, but it was THE best decision I could have made. I LOVE my job again and look forward to coming to work!

College Go Week!

Monday, September 23rd the staff will wear college gear to show where they

went to school, or where their children went to school.

Tuesday, September 24th – the students will have a chance to show their school

spirit by wearing college colors/logos of their favorite school.

Wednesday, September 25th will wear their ‘thinking caps’ to school. It is

important to always use your brain and do your best work each day. Hats that

aren’t distracting in school may be worn.

Thursday, September 26th will be class color day.

Each grade level will wear a certain color.


Second grade (Class of 2030) Green

First grade (Class of 2031) Blue

Kindergarten (Class of 2032) Purple

Staff will wear Central Noble shirts/colors.

Friday, September 27th – Future day -Students are encouraged to dress for a

career that is of interest to them. Please consider appropriateness of dress for

school and safety. Any Central Noble Elementary student who dresses for a future

career will earn one point for their house.

Lunch Time

We have talked about ways to ensure you get 30 minutes of lunch. I have made it very clear that if you aren't getting that to come see me and everyone I talked to said they were good. I have been told that isn't the case, but NO ONE has came to me about it. So I'm putting it out there again. If you aren't getting your lunch time please come talk to me so we can try to work it out so you get that time.


In my IPLI group we were tasked with calculating how much time our teachers get during the week with students to cover content and standards. When we were finished we compared our results and concluded teachers everywhere are tasked with covering a lot of information in a little time.

I calculated the times (approximate I know things change at times) and here is what I came up with for the CN Primary.

Morning Collaboration 30 minutes 4 x per week (I usually take one morning)= 120 minutes

Specials Class 40 minutes 5 x per week= 200 minutes

End of Day 20 minutes 5 x per week= 100 minutes

Lunch 30 minutes 5 x per week= 150 minutes

This totals 570 minutes per week or 120 minutes per day of time where students are here, but not with you for classroom instruction. That only leaves us 1530 minutes or 25.5 hours to make academic progress per week. That is eye-opening. Everything we do with kids in our building is important, but the reality is we do not have 8:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. to build academic skills.

We need to make sure we are focused and using the most of our time with students to make sure they are mastering standards. I feel like the morning collaborations and end of day collaborations are useful and are needed to complete exit tickets/assessments. We need to make sure that this time is used effectively to help our students know where they are on standards and help us plan for where to go next. Please keep using this time to improve our instructional time.

Also, please be mindful that even if you do not have students with you during the approximately 120 minutes a day that was calculated above, you can still be doing things that prepare you to teach.

Where In The World is Mr. Morgan?

I will be out of the building all day Tuesday. I will be in Indianapolis with Mrs. Fleetwood and Mrs. Gramling. They graciously agreed to take a year and help me complete my IPLI classes. Lucky them!!!!!!!

Upcoming Morning Meetings

Monday @ 7:50 a.m.: Meet in my office to discuss 7 mindsets, 1st round of observations, NWEA, and PLC book studies

Wednesday @ 7:50 a.m.: School Improvement Committee will meet to divvy up sections and start working on SIP due October 15th.

Friday @ 7:50 a.m.: Possible all staff meeting. I will let you know by Wednesday if we will all meet or not.

Important Dates

10/4: Pie Sales KickOff

10/21-10/25: Fall Break

10/27-10/29: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

12/10: 2nd Grade Music Program

12/23-1/3: Christmas Break (No School)

4/6-4/10: Spring Break (No School)

6/5: Graduation (It's what we all work for)

*Please send me any dates that need to be added here!

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