Hitler Youth

By R.Conrad Stein


This book explains what is was like growing up under the rain of Adolph Hitler. They took girls and boys at the age of 10 and brought them to Hitler camps and they had to train intensively.The girls would have to grow up to be a cook or a nurse.the boys would have to grow up as a solder and fight for Hitler.
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Hitler Youth Der Untergang Scene
Kids where taken at a you a young to fight for hitler

You Have To Join

Do to the fact that hitler was such a dynamic and persuasive person all the kids thought hitler youth was the best group to join.What cause the hilter youth to grow a such a crazy rate was that even if you didn't think it was a good group you would forced to join.Also you had to leave home the age of 10 and live at a camp.When your at the camp your have to train and become a amazing solder that would fight american solders.