Theatre December Newsletter


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MOD Pizza Fundraiser

We had our MOD Pizza Fundraiser on Sunday, December 5th, and we came out with $115! Thank you to all of you who attended this event! We will continue to need your support at these events in the future.

Remember: We all need to eat anyway, so we might as well let the money we spend on our dinners come back to support your students' activity and hobby for zero additional money or effort! Easy-peasy!

Concessions Stand Work

This year we are back to working the indoor concessions for winter sports! This was super easy money, it just takes a few hours of commitment from all of our supportive parents and friends! We only have two dates to work, but they are big money days, so we want to ensure that we cover these dates completely. Only adults are allowed to work, not students! We will send out a sign up genius link a week before each event to ensure that we have all of the slots covered. Thinking ahead that we will need 3 people to work each shift. Ms. ElAttar and I will both do our part to help when we can and as much as we can, but sometimes this will overlap with rehearsals, Cappies events, and evening classes.

The two events we have are below with the $ marking how much potential money we could raise for the department at these events:

  1. Thursday, January 13- Girl's Basketball Tournament ($$)
  2. Friday, February 4- Wrestling Districts Tournament ($$$)

Times will be coming out later, but right now they are both anticipated starting at 3:00 PM, so we will need some help especially with starting the concessions stands on these days. Again, Ms. ElAttar and I will help and work, but we won't be able to cover it all at these events, so we will need parents to help. Keep your eyes and ears open for when these dates get closer to sign up for shifts.

These events have helped us afford trophies and awards for the banquet in May, and also the department scholarships to be presented at the banquet in May. Your help is vital! Last time we worked a full day concessions event, we earned almost $1000 for the program, so it does help!


We will be wrapping up our SAVERS FUNDrive this week!!! FINALLY!!! We have approximately 80 bags and 9 boxes of donations to SAVERS! Thank you so much to those who have donated so far! If you have not, we will continue to take donations through Friday this week. Our goal is 100+ bags (SAVERS' request)! We will easily earn a few hundred dollars from this drive if we do so!

Please remember that soft goods (clothing, shoes, handbags/purses, bedding, curtains, etc.) should be in trash bags, and that all hard goods (books, knickknacks, chachkis, DVDs, old toys, home decor, etc.) should all be in boxes for donation. This will help them weigh everything out and let us know how much we will earn from this drive, officially. They will give a very rough estimate when we drop things off, but I will hear an official number in the coming weeks.

On Saturday, December 18th, the Thespian Board will be meeting Ashpaugh at OPHS at 8:15 AM to gather all of the donation items and load them into vehicles and bring it over to SAVERS (Barry Rd, next to Joann), and drop off all donations at 9:00 AM. We could use additional volunteers with muscles and vehicles to help get things transferred to SAVERS this morning.

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Panera Food Day Fundraiser!

We will have a Panera Bread food day on Thursday, January 6th! This is an all day event at the Englewood Road location! Get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack from Panera on this day, and let them know you are eating for the fundraiser for Oak Park Theatre! You may also order ahead for pick up using the promo code PRFUND online to dedicate 20% of your purchase back to us!

I know it is right after the New Year and at the start of diet season, but for the support of your student, please hold off a week on that diet! Come get bagels and cream cheese for work that morning!

Thank you in advance!

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Children's Mercy Toy Drive

Thank you to all who have brought in toys for the Children's Mercy Toy Drive this year! This is the third year we have done this as a department and we truly love delivering these toys to CMH knowing that we are giving these children something they can smile about while in the hospital, especially this time of year. We have approximately $225 in donations in toys for this drive. I would love to see us reach somewhere between $250-300 of toys donated this year!

We will continue to collect toys through the end of this week, and on Saturday morning after we drop off items at SAVERS, I will take the Thespian Board with me to Children's Mercy Hospital to deliver the toys. We are assigned the 11:00 AM slot, so it will be right after we finish up work at SAVERS.

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We are still raising funds for Adopt-A-Family this year! We have chosen to do the gift card version of this program this year. OPHS Theatre is the only activity in the school participating in this program for the third year in a row, and I would love to see us provide something nice for them! We only have received one $50 gift card donation this year, and that is a hard pill to swallow. I hope that we all can work together to help get a family or two a nice holiday season through our donations.

We will collect donations through Friday this week. Please send gift cards in with your student to help make someone's holiday season a little bit brighter! We want to help provide gifts for these families through gift card shopping at various locations. In addition, I will be donating a $100+ gift card for the family to get a nice meal for the holiday season.

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Hotline was a success! The performances were strong and very different bringing a variety of humor to our Little Theatre stage! Theatre III/IV did a fantastic job highlighting the directing styles of seniors Izzy Christus and Tatiana Rizek! Antioch brought over 45 eighth graders to watch the performance during the school day and have a Q & A session with Theatre III/IV about the classes and the program as a whole. This was an amazing mentoring and recruitment event for us! The Antioch students and staff that attended were super impressed with the work knowing that it was 100% student produced. Many of the students have said they are interested in joining the department next year and taking Theatre I as a class! Not to mention a few middle schoolers found their first high school crushes while watching the performances! HA!

Below is a picture of Izzy Christus with her cast: Hannah Butts (red), Izzy Christus (yellow), Emily Hermes (green), and Zen Langley (blue).

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Improv Show

We have our annual holiday improv show this Thursday, December 16th at 7:00 PM! Tickets are $5.00 at the door! This is a great way to begin the holiday season with love and laughter before we head for break! Please come out and support our improv team!!

You may bring in SAVERS donations to receive concessions coupons, $5+ toy for CMH for 1 admission, or a $25+ gift card for Adopt-A-Family and receive 2 admissions to the show!

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TFAC- The Wake of Jamey Foster

We have begun working on our annual Theatre For A Cause (TFAC) show in Theatre III/IV! The cast and crew have been chosen, and we have begun reading the show in class. The show is a fun and wacky dark dramedy about the funeral of a man who people loved but disliked.

This year's charity has not yet been decided, but we do have a few that are being considered. We are leaning towards grief counseling in someway shape or form. As we all have experienced, and this play shows us, grief comes in many different forms and stages.

Theatre IV Senior, Hannah Butts, is directing the production and is very excited to produce this show. We honestly believe that you all will have a great time at this show and able to have both tears and belly laughs along the way. Cast/crew head list is below!

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Spring Play- Sabrina Fair

We have announced our new play for the Spring Play this year! It is a classic romantic comedy titled Sabrina Fair! There are two film versions of this play: the original starring Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild and the later version starring Harrison Ford as Linus Larrabee, Jr. The show is full of sweet and wholesome romanticism sprinkled with both witty and slapstick comedy! The cast is 7 males and 7 females with no ensemble. Audition information is below:

Tuesday, January 4- Auditions (1 1/2-2 minute long romantic or comedic monologue)

Wednesday, January 5- Callbacks (cold reads)

Thursday, January 6- Cast/Crew Head Lists Posted (Panera food day!)

Friday, January 7- Mandatory Read Through

Audition applications and crew head applications are available online through the theatre department website on both the applications page and Sabrina Fair page! The rehearsal schedule is attached to the applications and also available on the Sabrina Fair show page. The character list and descriptions will also be available on the Sabrina Fair page, AND it is attached to the audition application for the show.

Events & Meetings

Theatre Holiday Party

On Wednesday, December 15th we will be hosting a Theatre Department Holiday Party from 2:50-5:30! We will have karaoke in the Little Theatre, holiday games in the Green Room, a White Elephant Gift Exchange, and snacks! Students may sign up to bring snacks via the Google Form link here.

For the White Elephant gift exchange, we are asking students to bring in something of theirs that they no longer need and to regift to someone blindly. The only parameters are that the items remain usable (no trash or sharing hygiene products), and keeping the items school appropriate.

Improv will still be practicing from 3-4 in the main auditorium, and management interviews for Sabrina Fair will be conducted during the event.

Second Semester Parent Meeting

Our second semester parent meeting will take place on January 11th at 7:00 PM in the Little Theatre at Oak Park. We will be discussing the events that are happening with theatre, fundraising, philanthropy, and thespian conference at this meeting. We will also go through a preview over the entire semester, and rehearsal schedules for each production will be available for parents to grab a copy. Please go ahead and mark your calendars with this meeting so you do not miss it! The next time we will all be gathering besides a show night will be at the Theatre Banquet at the end of the year in May.

Thespian Conference

We will be attending Thespian Conference January 19-22 in St. Louis, MO. Some information can be found on our website under the Thespians tab and then the State Conference page. Click here to see that page.

Full details will come out after break. This information will be sent home in early January, but we will meet after the Parent Meeting on January 11 to go over the details for Thespian Conference.

Holiday Joy

Thank you

Thank you to everyone for your help and hard work throughout this year so far. As we are on the upswing from the COVID life, I want to thank you all for your support and dedication to your student(s) and the theatre program as a whole. As we all strive to work together to create a place to allow our teens to grow and develop as young men and women who will operate and function in society. We need to work to ensure that they are prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly that will happen in their futures. Allowing them to experience these things will also help them embrace and enjoy the beautiful things life has in store for them. One thing I have learned is that the sweet is less sweet when there is no bitterness to remind you. Teaching our students to work through disappointment and hard times will only help them be stronger adults and able to handle more in their futures.

As we see COVID protocols beginning to lift, I ask that everyone do their absolute best to remain cautious and healthy. This will ensure that you, your student, and your loved ones can stay as safe and healthy as possible. Remember that as things change, we need to stay cognizant of what we are doing and how we are navigating this transition back to normalcy.

Thank you all for your support of the arts in education and your student participating in the performing arts here at Oak Park. We have a long way to go, but we are all growing and developing into stronger individuals and paving the way for the future classes to enter and come through Oak Park Theatre. We will have a strong future together as long as we work together. Thank you!