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September 2022

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Standards Referenced Grading Update

Columbia Public Schools is working toward a goal that behavior be reported separately from academic achievement. Both are incredibly important to future success of our students. They are each so important that we'd prefer to communicate about each of them separately. So this year, you will see that almost all of the gradebooks in Home Access are separated into two categories: Evidence of Learning and Workplace Readiness.

Our "Evidence of Learning" category will be weighted between 90% and 100% of a student's overall grade. This category is a collection of artifacts (projects, assessments, essays, etc.) that represent student learning as measured by the learning standards.

The "Workplace Readiness" category will be weighted between 0% and 10% of a student's overall grade. This is a collection of academic or workplace behaviors/skills. IPRs and Report Cards will also have Conduct and Effort measurements included for all students in all classes.

Conduct & Effort

During the week of October 4th teachers will submit IPRs (Interim Progress Reports) for all student(s) classes. During this period teachers will also be reporting Conduct & Effort. Please see this reference for more information regarding conduct & effort.

Battle High School Conduct & Effort Scoring Guide (for students and families)

SRG Gradebook Reminder

We have made some changes to the alpha marks you will see reported in your student's gradebook (HAC). In order to more effectively communicate, we have eliminated several alpha marks from our gradebooks that you may have seen in the past. Below is a description of the only marks you will see in a teacher's gradebook. Please know that the only gradebook of record for your student in CPS is in the Home Access Center. Specific class content and materials are housed in Schoology, but each student's official, accurate grade can only be found in Home Access Center.
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October 5th - Student Surveys

During the course of our Fall Semester, we have several surveys that we are required to administer at the high school level for all students. Each is uniquely valuable and relevant for your child’s education. In order to maximize instructional time for your student(s), we have made the decision to administer 3 surveys in a single school day spreading them out over the course of all 4 blocks.

On October 5th, your student(s) will spend approximately 15-20 minutes in all 4 classes completing three separate surveys. Below is some information about each survey.

· Student Checklist-This will help our school determine where students may need additional supports in developing strong social, emotional, and academic skills. This survey will be administered during Block 1.

· District Climate Survey-This survey is required of school districts by the state of Missouri. It asks 12 questions centered around the students’ school experiences, including “My opinion is heard and respected at this school” and “The school’s discipline rules are fair.” This survey will be administered during block 2

· EOS Survey-Survey questions will address students’ views on their coursework, their school experience, and the ways in which our school supports their educational goals. This survey will be split between blocks 3 and 4.

As with all surveys administered in CPS, families have the ability to opt out if they choose. (opting out instructions) If you’ve already completed this form for the 2022-23 school year, you do not need to do it again.

If your student is absent for any period on October 5th, they will be able to access the appropriate survey (all surveys) through their student portal.

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The Future of CPS: Growth, Innovation, & Achievement .

Please join us. You're invited to be a part of an important conversation about The Future of Columbia Public Schools: Growth, Innovation & Achievement hosted by Columbia Public Schools.
Please join us on October 6th for a world café-style discussion about how we put our scholars first and measure success.

October 6, 2022
6-8 p.m. Community Conversation

Stoney Creek Inn

RSVP here:

Questions: Contact Community Relations (573) 214-3960 or

We’re focused on planning for the future and preparing every scholar to be college-, career-, and life-ready when they graduate from Columbia Public Schools. Participate and collaborate with our public schools in a world café-style community meeting, where small group discussions can take place and ideas will be shared about how to put scholars first in the areas of growth, innovation, and achievement.

Hope you can attend so we can gain from your input.

Thank you!

Columbia Public Schools

NO SCHOOL - Professional Development Day

Monday, Oct. 10th, 8:30am-4pm

7575 East Saint Charles Road

Columbia, MO

Jostens - Senior Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 9:30-10:30am

7575 East Saint Charles Road

Columbia, MO

Students will learn about ordering cap & gown (and other senior items) for graduation ceremony.

FAFSA Registration

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 5-6pm

7575 East Saint Charles Road

Columbia, MO

Opportunity to complete FAFSA
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Columbia Public Schools have purchased individual student accounts for all CPS Scholars to have instant access to 1:1 Tutoring 24/7. Students use the CPS Portal on their CPS issued device to login (using their CPS computer login) and get 1:1 live tutoring for any subject. Students can use TutorME during the school day or after hours!
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Student Incentives - Blue & Gold Cards

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