Appearance VS Reality

By: Alexandra, Priya, and Bella


We feel like our theme, appearance vs. reality is brought up in our everyday lives. Many schemes are set up and many are accused for something they did not do . The theme appearance vs. reality tells us that what you see isn't always reality, there is always more behind it. For example in much ado about nothing, appearance vs. reality is a major them like with Claudio and Hero. Hero is set up and accused for something she did not do and everyone believes it. We can learn from this theme by hearing all sides of the story and don't believe it just because majority agrees.


"False principles, illusions, fantasies and mythologies and mythologies separate us from each other, from virtue, from love, from the true connections that we can achieve only through reality. In fantasy, there is only isolation and presence. Mythology is fundamentally, loneliness and emptiness."

-Stephen Molyneux


"One Hero dies defiled but I do live, And surely as I live, I am a maid."



We are comparing and contrasting the way the theme (appearance vs reality) is used in Much Ado About Nothing as well as The Pearl. The theme is alike in both books because in Much Ado About Nothing, Hero is set up by Borachio and Don John where they lied about Hero not being a maiden. In The Pearl, the doctor wasn't nice to Kino and his family and lied about the value of the pearl and lied about trying to help his baby, even though he was okay. In Much Ado About Nothing, Borachio tells Dogberry what actually happened and that he lied but in the Pearl, nothing is resolved.
Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice & Benedick
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