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Growing with God... September 10, 2021

Dear St. Michael Preschool Families,

For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be. Luke 12:34 This Bible verse always reminds me of the blessing of family. Not just immediate loved ones but extended family, friends, and all those people who make life more meaningful. The teachers and I are so happy that you have joined our St. Michael Preschool family. What a blessing and treasure you and your children are to us, and how grateful we are for the joy and sense of wonder your children bring each day. Thank you for continuing to support your child and teachers to make for a safe, healthy, and rewarding school year.

And as we thank God for the blessing of family, let us pray for those most in need of our prayers, especially in remembrance of all the lives lost on September 11, 2001, for the victims’ families, first responders, and survivors. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer.

In Christ,

Lisa Ciesla

Preschool Director

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Happy Grandparents Day! Sunday, September 12

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Last Chance to Order Preschool Spirit Gear!

Order by Monday, 9/13, to celebrate St. Michael Preschool with our fun merchandise! T-shirts in child sizes available for $16, school bags $5, all with our cute school logo!

Order your Preschool Merch Today, Click Here to Order

Payment will be processed at the time of order. All sales are final; no refunds or returns. T-shirt delivery is approximately 6 weeks. Thank you for your support!

NO SCHOOL - Friday, 9/24 - Teacher Work Day


2's Programs

Roo Reminder: 12:30 Dismissal Next Week


Preschool Room Parents Needed!

Please let your child's teacher know if you would like to serve as a Room Parent this school year. In this role, you will help coordinate playdates and opportunities for fellowship and fun for students and families outside of school - parks, playgrounds, etc. Our Realm Community class group will be the main communication tool for notifying parents about these fun outdoor gatherings. Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering this volunteer opportunity.

Instill a Love of Reading in Your Kids!

Scholastic Book Club flyers will be sent home with your preschooler for you to explore together. Ordering online is fast and easy. Please be sure to use the Class Code below.

REGISTER at or sign in if already registered.

ENTER the Class Activation Code V2K2D. This ensures your order is linked and sent to the preschool.

CHOOSE from thousands of print titles, value packs, and seasonal selections.

SUBMIT the order online on or before the due date with a credit card on Scholastic's secure server.

Orders can be delivered directly to your home or to the preschool for distribution. Your order will be delivered to your child at the preschool within 7-10 days. Thank you for instilling a love of reading in your child and for supporting the preschool. Through your purchase, we are able to earn points towards purchasing books for our classroom libraries. Happy reading!


Your child's safety is a top priority. We are required to have a yearly lockdown drill, monthly fire drills, and seasonal tornado drills. Prior to these drills, each class will discuss in age-appropriate ways what to do in each situation. We will also take this opportunity to talk about people who can help while at school and how to stay safe in all kinds of weather.

3's Programs

Reminders for Face Coverings

All adults are required to wear face coverings while in line during arrival and dismissal.

Adults and all students in our 4’s and TK classrooms (Rabbit, Owl, Tigger, and Clifford) are required to wear a mask at all times indoors, other than when a person is actively eating or drinking. Parents of 2 and 3-year-olds, please note that the CDC and health department strongly recommend that children 2 and up wear a face covering while in school.

Children wearing a face covering at school should bring two Ziploc bags in their backpack each day- one with extra clean masks labeled “CLEAN”, one bag for used masks that are taken off marked “USED”. Teachers will assist the children with the bags.


COVID-19 ILLNESS POLICY - Please stay home if you, your child, or anyone in your house:

  • is experiencing COVID-like symptoms: fever, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new cough, or new loss of taste or smell
  • have tested positive for COVID-19, awaiting COVID-19 test results, or experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms
  • have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days, is awaiting COVID-19 test results, or is in quarantine for possible exposure

In answering the health screening questions each morning, parents are affirming the health of their child and recognize that if there is any doubt, they should keep their child home, for the benefit of all. Failure to comply with any of these policies may result in dismissal from our program.

*PLEASE NOTE: A child can return to preschool if they receive confirmation of an alternate diagnosis from a health care provider (doctor’s note is required), that would explain the COVID-19 like symptom(s), once there is no fever without fever-reducing medicines and they have felt well for 24 hours.

Out of an abundance of caution, a child with an unexplained runny nose, congestion, cough, or signs of illness will be sent home from school and may not return to school until symptoms are gone or an alternate diagnosis has been provided by a healthcare provider.

Thank you in advance for monitoring your child's health daily and for your understanding as we work to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our preschoolers, teachers, and staff.

General Illness Policy

To protect the health and well-being of all the children, please keep your child home if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Frequent sneezing.
  • A runny nose requiring wiping.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea. Children should be kept home for 24 hours after vomiting and/or loose bowel movements have ceased.
PLEASE NOTE: Fever and Cough are considered COVID-19 like symptoms therefore the COVID-19 Illness Policy found above applies when these symptoms are present. Please consult with your child’s doctor and keep in close communication with the preschool office.

Asthma & Allergies

If your child has asthma and/or chronic allergies, which typically include a frequent cough or runny nose, you will need to work with your pediatrician to find a way to best manage the symptoms. If symptoms continue, the preschool will require a written note from the doctor.

We thank you for your continued support in adhering to our health protocols to keep our community safe.

4's Programs


Hello Preschool families!

I am so excited to meet our new families this year and reconnect with my old friends too! We are off to a great start this school year learning through music and movement. For our new families, I follow the themes that are being presented in the classrooms as well as a few favorites of my own! So, for the month of September, we will be singing and dancing to songs about coming to school, keeping our germs to ourselves, apples, God's love for us, just to name a few! The parachute will be incorporated monthly with a seasonal theme-pumpkins for fall, bees for spring, etc. We are blessed to have many musical instruments and those will be introduced on a weekly basis. Our instruments include maracas, tambourines, egg shakers, rhythm sticks, and more! I will provide a musical snapshot for you each month so you can catch a glimpse of what is happening in music class. And, I thank you very much for all the very generous Wish List donations to the music program! It is going to be a a very musical year!

Here are a few songs that we will learn this month!

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands by Raffi

Apple of Your Eye - Psalm 17:8 by Dana Dirksen

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by The Hit Crew

Germs can make you sick (to the tune of Hokey Pokey)

Germs are really mean (hands-on-hips and angry face)

But they can't be seen (hands over eyes)

They will make you sick

Then you will feel "ick"

Use some soap and water (simulate washing hands)

And you'll get them really clean,

That's what it's all about! (clap hands)

If you ever have a question for me, don't hesitate to email me at or come find me at one of the doorways during arrival!

God Bless,

Ms. Karen

TK Program

Parent Resources


Stay up-to-date on all our parish happenings!

2021-2022 Operating Plan

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-changing, and as a result, we may need to modify or adjust policies and/or procedures based on guidance from the diocese and local, state, or federal health departments. The ST. MICHAEL PRESCHOOL OPERATING PLAN 2021-2022 will be updated accordingly. Questions or any need for clarification should be referred to the director immediately.

Second Step - Social/Emotional Skills Curriculum

Our St. Michael Preschool teachers strive to create a safe and loving environment where children treat themselves and others with respect and show care and concern for others all while growing in their love of Jesus. We recognize that supporting children’s social-emotional development helps them grow as learners, build relationships, and feel happier and more successful in the classroom and in their daily lives.

The Second Step weekly lessons are designed to teach preschoolers how to harness their energy and potential to achieve improved learning and behavior. The program teaches children to listen, pay attention, control their behavior, and get along with others. Students entering kindergarten with these self-regulation and social-emotional skills are set up for success.

Below please click on the Home Links that correspond with your child’s preschool program. Home Link letters and activities are a valuable component in building a strong home-school connection. They coordinate with the weekly lessons and concepts being taught to your children so you can reinforce them at home. We thank you in advance for partnering with us to ensure the success of your child’s early childhood education.

Home Links for Clifford’s Pals

Home Links for 4’s Program

Project Enlightenment

Project Enlightenment offers support to parents of young children from birth through kindergarten with topics such as discipline techniques, communication, child development, and more. Visit their website for more information.

Early Arrival & Lunch Program

Need some extra time to run errands or get to an appointment? We can help! We still have some openings in our early arrival and lunch programs. Your child will enjoy the extra time to socialize and play!

Early Arrival - available daily, drop off begins at 8:15 am at the front preschool door

Lunch Program - available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday beginning Sept. 13, pick up is at 1:30 pm at the playground

Please note that registrations after 9/3 are not guaranteed as we must be able to maintain adequate staffing while ensuring cohort groups.

Ready to register for Extended Day?

Log Into Realm (Realm Log In required), then while logged in click the following Extended Day Registration Link

Adventure Camp

Our super fun Adventure Camps begin in October. These camps are offered to preschoolers 3 years and older. Camps will occur one Wednesday and Thursday per month. If your child would love extra time playing and learning with friends, we still have some openings. Register Here by October 1.

Thursday, Oct. 7 - "Bugging Out” Children will explore the environment with nets and discover insects. We will compare bugs and go on a ladybug hunt.

Oct. 13 - "Camping” The children will experience a scavenger hunt, learn about animal prints, and set up a camp. We will wrap up the day with a story around a campfire.

Cost: $13.00 per camp. Send a nut-free lunch with your child. Dismissal: 2:00 pm.

Snack & Food Allergy Policy

Safe Snack

  • Children will bring their own snack to school. We ask that it be just one or two items that can be easily enjoyed by your child.
  • Snacks may NOT contain peanuts/nuts or peanut/nut products. This includes foods that have been produced/processed in a plant with nut products.
  • Avoid potential choking hazards - all grapes, cherries, and mini tomatoes need to be cut in half. Popcorn and hard candy are not permitted.

Power Snack Recommendations = 1 protein + 1 complex carbohydrate

  • The combination of complex carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, and whole grains) with protein and heart-healthy fats, help children to maintain their energy levels for longer periods of time, thereby increasing your child's "learning ready" time.
  • Snacks should include, when possible, natural foods that are high in protein and fiber, while low in sugars.
  • Please send your child with a labeled water bottle from home or teachers will provide a disposable paper cup since water fountains will not be used.
  • To avoid unnecessary sugars, only water (no juice) should be sent to school.

CLICK HERE for Healthy Snack Ideas

Independently Potty Trained

Parents, please remember that children three and older must be independently potty trained to attend our preschool. Click Here to review our policy.

The following are a few popular books to help encourage your little one's potty progress: Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel, A Potty for Me by Karen Katz, Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi, My Big Boy Potty & My Big Girl Potty by Joanna Cole, Pirate Potty & Princess Potty by Samantha Berger.

Click Here for potty training tips. There are also a variety of potty-training videos for kids on YouTube.

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St. Michael Preschool is an important mission of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church. We provide a safe and loving environment where the development of the whole child and the joy of learning is nurtured through socialization and play as we grow in our love of Jesus and discover how God is a part of our everyday lives.