Why does teamwork matter?

Teamwork matters because well without teamwork things would take a long time to do. For example: If there was no teamwork in a school no one would be working together and teachers wouldn't be working together ether so they wouldn't know if you passed. And if the students didn't work together there learning would be disrupted. So you see, teamwork is very important. It is one of the things that holds the economy together. Without teamwork, our world would be a very different place then it is now.

The knowledge of teamwork

The Knoladge of teamwork can be simple or complex. However, it is best described like this: The knoladge of teamwork is when 2 or more beings or people will colaberate and work together. To achieve a sertene task. Such as on of the photos. All four people work together to finish constructing a gear box.

National Teamwork day

Friday, Dec. 18th, 12am-11:45pm

North jounior high MN