2015 Year End Report

South Orange Middle School Library


Total Number of Titles: 16,683

Total Number of Items: 20,365

Number of Items/Student: 25.81

Average Age of Collection: 23 years (1992)


Total circulation this year was almost exactly the same number as last year. However, the library being closed due to PARCC testing had an effect on access to the library and checking out items. The library was averaging 480 items/month until late-February, when the librarian was assigned to help with PARCC. After that, the average lowered to 325 items/month.

Top 3 most circulated titles:


The website was redesigned at the beginning of the school year. It is the main portal for students to access OPAC, library databases, as well as special webpages created every time there is a research project. The specially created webpages, direct students to library databases and recommended websites that are relevant to their specific research project.

Average page view/month:

Average unique visitors/month: 30 new users

Students in the library

3D Printer

This year a system was put in place for printing to the 3D printer. The new somslibrary.org site includes a page for the 3D printer where students can fill out a form to get in the queue for printing.

Students printed OVER 75 3D objects this year!

Library Helpers

Students from all three grades were invited to become Library Helpers. The library was lucky enough to have OVER 30 student volunteers. Students helped to put away books, check books in/out, and help create library displays.

Special Events