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Fun facts

Colorado is a amazing state. Did you know Colorado is the 8th biggest state? Denver Broncos have won the Super Bowl many times and 3,600,000 people live in Colorado. Did you know the state bird is the Lark Bunting and the state tree is called the blue spruce. Isabella Bird wanted to explore Colorado's nature. She climbed mountains, killed rattle snakes, bears and wolves. Isabella was one of the first people who explored Colorado.


Colorado is the 8th biggest state, third fastest growing state, and the highest state. More than half of the state is farmland and the other half is the Rockies and very little other land. Mount Elbert is the highest mountain in Colorado it is 14,443 feet.
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If you are wondering what to do - go to all of these cool places! If you like history, you should definitely go to the History Museum, it has a brand new dinosaur museum in Denver. If you like skiing, you should go to one of Colorado's famous skiing resorts but If you really like skiing, Aspen and Vail are the best. Sometimes there are skiing competitions. Maybe someday you will compete.


Mexicans and the U.S fought for Colorado. It was an easy victory for the U.S.. Congress named Colorado in 1861. The natives lived in pueblos.
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