Mrs. Wong's Weekly Newsletter

411 in S-3

This Week in S-3

Hi everyone! I'm sorry about not reporting in last week. Most of us have been super sick with strep throat and working on healing. It's been a tough few weeks as the sickies have been making their way through our class. Today the whole class was back together so I'm thinking things are starting to get better. S-3 is healthy again!

It's Friday. We have many projects and assignments coming home. Including our first word processed spelling test! The children did a great job using the desk tops! Please check your child's green folder daily and empty out any papers that come home.

This week you all had a lot of homework! Thank you for your beautiful feathers about your children. I can't tell you how many people have shared with me that they teared up as they walked by and read them. They are on display on our turkey outside of our classroom.

Lastly, thank you for those who contributed to our Thanksgiving share. We overflowed the box with potato products. I think we really will help someone have a great holiday.

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Happy Veteran's Day!

We had a great time listening to Mr. Burrows tell us about military life. We are so thankful for all the hard work of our men and women in the armed forces! God Bless the USA!!!