It's All A Lie 06/30/1918

Don't Be Fooled By The Idea Of "Glory"

Dulce Et Decorum Est

The truth has been revealed, no glamour, fame, or vision of glory and greatness. The poem creates an image in your mind, without the rose colored glasses, of the horrors on the battlefield. It says nothing of the honor or pride or respect the solders have for themselves, if any. No one knows what exactly happened that day or the next, and all we can do is hope that it will soon cease. They need more stories, more poems, more articles, like this, the truth and nothing but. Only at that point will people stop funding and participating in war efforts. Maybe then we will enjoy the peace that we had for so many years.

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  • 1/3 of a million died in trench warfare
  • New technology means more inhumaine ways of killing
  • 1916 2 million bodies dropped
  • 9 million casualties in Russia alone
  • 1917 USA joined and the casualties increased
  • 10 million deaths 20 million casualties
  • People bombed and raided cities, killing innocent women and children

Who's War is It Anyways?

Why are we fighting? What are we fighting for? Where is the honor in winning a battle you weren't intended to be in? America has no place in this war, and even if we did, war is not the answer. Look at your children, your sons, your husbands, they will be headed to war if this isn't stopped soon, and chances are, they wont be coming back. Be glad that we have no part in this war, we lose no lives, no families, no money. If you've seen the truth you know that this isn't even a war, it's a bloodbath, a no hope bitter massacre. You're supporting this, the torture of young souls, men with a hope for something greater, killed because you think war is a beautiful thing. For every effort you put into the war, put two against. Save the country, without losing lives.