What I would do if I were The Giver

if i got a chance to be the giver...

There are some memories that I would give to the community

Jonas' community is way different then ours'. They believe in Sameness so much that in order for that to happen, they need to take away things that have a big impact on people's lives . If I were The Giver, there will be too many memories I would like to share with the community. But, out of all of them there are three that I would want to share the most. These memories and experiences are colour, music and feelings.

The memory of colour

Imagine living in a world without colour, life would be pretty dull. Because of Sameness, Jonas' community haven't seen colours before. They don't have the privilege to paint a picture, pick a colour of clothing they would like, or even having a favorite colour. There are also some jobs that people cannot have like a painter or colour therapist. Being able to see different colours also makes it easier to describe certain things like for example: a pink dress or a blue car. I would give them the memory of northern lights because it has so many colours that I would like them to see.
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the memory of music

In Jonas' society, they have no clue of what music is. People have different taste in music, some people can sing very well but not all and there are people that can play instruments better than others do. This disobeys the rule of Sameness this is why they have taken it away from people's lives. Without music, there are also less jobs like a music producer, music teacher, singer and dancer. If I were The Giver, I would give them the memory of an orchestra because its amazing they're different instruments but they play in perfect harmoney.
orchestra performance

(you can skip some parts of this video just to get the idea of it)

The memory of feelings

Everyone should be able to have feelings good or bad. In Jonas' community, they don't have feelings. Again, to maintain Sameness. This means that they cannot feel happy, sad, mad, scared, etc. To avoid stirrings, everyone in his community takes a pill (book)/ takes an injection (movie). It is a rule for Jonas as a Receiver of Memory not to take any injection/pill for his feelings. Without feelings people can't be a therapist, psychologist, etc. If I had a chance to be The Giver, I would give them the memory of love because it means that you care, trust, and enjoy being around with someone.
There are very many more memories and experiences I would like share with Jonas' community if I were The Giver. However, there are three that I would want the whole community to know the most about. These very special memories of colour, music and feelings are the most important experiences in my life and it would be an honor to contribute them to the people of Jonas' society.