American Revolution Research

By: Justice Buford

Interesting Facts of The Revolutionary War

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henery died of stomach cancer on June 6, 1799 at the age of sixty-three.
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Boston Massacre

Another fatal incident occurred just few days before the Boston Massacre.

Christopher Sieder was shot dead on February 22, 1770 in a fight between the mob and the British loyalists that started from throwing rocks at the shop of a Loyalist merchant.

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    Declaration of Independence

    After Jefferson wrote his first draft of the Declaration, the other members of the Declaration committee and the Continental Congress made 86 changes to Jefferson’s draft, including shortening the overall length by more than a fourth.

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    Over 20%of the people in the colonies were loyalists and many were killed by Patriots who also took their land.
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    Founding Fathers

    In terms of entertainment George Washington enjoyed raffles and lotteries, card playing, fox hunting, duck hunting, fishing, cockfighting, horse racing, boat racing, and dancing.

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