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How does Aleks help you learn about math?

Aleks helps people of all ages learn. If you don't understand what you're doing, you can click explain and it explains how to do it so well. I've learned a lot on Aleks, but you also have to take notes so if you forget how to do it again, you can just look back and there it is. You have topics and assessments. If you forget how to do something, its important that you take notes because it will make you re-do the topics and bring your number down a lot.

How is Aleks right for me?

Like I've said before, Aleks is for all different ages. I'm usually really bad at math, but when I use Aleks after I click explain it gives me examples of how to do it. And if I still don't get it, I can look at multiple different explanation's until I do.

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