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You are reading AMI's very first updated newsletter!

We hope all of you have easily settled into the new semester, and we're writing to let you know of all the new happenings in the American Movement for Israel on campus. We have a lot of exciting new events, ideas, and directions to take this year's AMI... but we need your help! Look out for future "AMI Update" emails for the newest and important info. And remember to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and see us on Instagram!

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About AMI:

The American Movement for Israel (AMI) is an open, multi-opinioned, pro-Israel student group at the University of Michigan that strives to educate about and advocate for the state of Israel through cultural, social, and political events. AMI also works to engage and cultivate the pro-Israel community, while building an overarching bridge to connect all pro-Israel students on campus both to each other and to the state of Israel.