Mythology and Modern Culture

Created by Maria Vargas

Uses of Mythology in Modern Society

Mythology in modern world has been used in many ways, such as names in products, companies, medicine and other things. Most of these names comes from myth without people noticing.

Pandora's Myth

The story of Pandora begins when Pandora was "...the first human woman that was created by gods." Pandora was young, and curious and her name means “all gifted.” The gods sent her to Earth ” part of the punishment of humanity for Prometheus, theft of the secret of fire.” Pandora had a jar called “Pandora’s box” where it set free “...all the evils of humanity…”

Pandora's Myth Video

Pandora's Box

Connection between Myth and Company

I believe the connection between this two things is that company is trying to benefit the music curiosity with a “...never-ending experience of music discovery with people” as Pandora, the young woman, was. In other words, both company and the young woman are curious. I also believe that the connection was a viable one because the myth and the company were successful on what they wanted to mean.