Baseball Is Better Than Football

By:Kamden Dodson

Who's Better

I am the person who plays baseball and I think baseball is more safe. Cost less money and uses tons of hand eye cordination and skill. And baseball has a great history of great players and football you do the same thing every week.

Breaking Ankles

Baseball has less injuries because Football has 3,088 ex-football players and the death rate of a football player dieing are 12.8%, more than 1/10 of football players die every year! Baseball has 1,494 ex-baseball players wow what a difference and the death rate is 0.132%, way less than football so baseball is the winner for injuries good luck football players. One death of a football player is Tray Walker if he wasnt injured in the football season he could have survived his sad death.
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The Summer Sun

Baseball plays 93 days all Summer while football is played 15 days before Fall so its obivous who is the winner for this catagory.

Difference Between Baseball and Football Field

All Day Everyday

Its obivous who won this Baseball is played everyday and its rare for then to not have a game and maybe they could play twice a day thats also rare football is played every week and maybe they could play Monday or Thursday.

Money Makers

Man i went to a football and baseball game both major league and man the difference of those tickets but to the research it cost $123.4 for football and those are the worst seats and $83 for baseball

Better Than Most

The skill in these games are extremly difficult but baseball has more skill than football. Why I think this is because all you do in football is run down the field trying not to get tackled, and score touchdowns and cover the players and try to get them to drop or not catch the ball. But in baseball there is hand eye cordination for defense and offence. You need agility to run threw bases fast enough before the ball gets to the first, second or third basemen. And the outfielders need to throw far to get to the infield and you need to always catch it or else a runner with score or steal a base.

Way Back When

You should know the winner of this is but I'll explain why baseball is the winner football has very little history they have Vinch Lombardi and Jhoney Unitis. Although in baseball there is Babe Ruth, Ernie Banks, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantel and Shoeless Joe Jackson there are many more. Baseball was created more than one hundred years ago just look how many years the cubs won a world series 107 years ago. The game baseball was invented on the year 1839 while football was created on the year 1869.
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