Friday, June 10th

That's a Wrap!

Happy Friday, Sharks!

Well, another year comes to a close here at Lakeside. As summer begins, we want to say a few final things before you all head out. It feels like we have roughly 500 people to thank for a terrific year, but we will just stick with the final week to make sure we acknowledge a few folks. A huge thank you to Heather Lindsay and the many parents and staff who pulled off an amazing 8th-grade dance last weekend. There are a number of folks to thank for the dance help - Special shout-outs to the Washington family, Nicole La Bruno, and Vocelli's Pizza. One other thank you here goes out to Libby Thacker who dominated with her cake pops. For those interested in using her services, she can be reached at 953-6543.

Thank you to the 8th-grade teachers for putting together a great 8th-grade ceremony. Special thanks to Bobby Gregg, Jon Wamsley, and Andrea Walkup for the performances, set-up, and technical help. I am not sure how many folks know how hard these three work every time we hold a performance, but suffice it to say we could not do it without them.

For all the support from the custodial crew, our bus drivers, our school nurse, our teachers, support staff, counselors, administrators, PTO, parents, families...and, of course, our takes a big group to make a school the size of Lakeside work so smoothly. To our 8th graders moving on, we wish you well as you head to AHS or other schools. For our families who are heading to other schools around the country, we are glad we had your kiddos here with us, even if only for a brief time. And for our current 6th and 7th graders as they move up a year, we hope you have an outstanding summer and come back in August three to five inches taller and full of stories from the summer adventures.

A few wrap-up items are below, but thanks again for a great year, Sharks!!!

End of the Year Items:

  1. Missing Library Materials: We are still missing a number of books across 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Please check with your student to see if they have overdue notices in their student K12 email account. Returning books over the summer saves us from spending extra dollars on replacement materials. We appreciate your support as we try to keep a high standard of circulation in our community of users! You can drop off missing materials at the front office over the summer.

  2. Lakeside Summer Library Hours: We are open every Tuesday morning in July. Hours are 9:30 - 11:30 for students enrolled in summer school AND students not enrolled in summer school.

    Tuesday, July 5th

    Tuesday, July 12th

    Tuesday, July 19th

    Tuesday, July 26th

  3. Lost and Found: We still have a number of unclaimed Lost and Found items. Our plan is to take them to Goodwill the first week of summer, so if your child is missing that favorite hoodie, you might want to swing by and check the Lost and Found.

  4. Missing Technology: Please return all ACPS devices to Lakeside before June 15th. This includes Kajeet Hotspots, Laptops, and Chargers. The only exception would be for 8th graders taking Health and PE I at should have received information from AHS about checking out a computer. Other students who will be attending summer school at Lakeside will be issued a device for the summer on July 5th (the first day of Summer School).

  5. Summer School @ LMS: Information will be sent home shortly for those who are registered for Summer School here at Lakeside beginning the first week of July.

  6. School Supplies for 2022/2023: Next year, we are keeping our school supply lists small again by purchasing most things students need for teachers. We do have a small list on the school's website for things that students will need that may be based on personal preferences by the students - things like headphones and a wireless mouse. The list can be found here.