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Week of February 21, 2016

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February 21, 2016

Dear Team,

What a great opportunity I had last Friday! Unfortunately, Ranae was very sick and had to leave school. Due to the sub shortage, I subbed in her classroom. I was able to make stronger connections with students and even had them try speed dating (although, I called it 'speed meetings'). I tried a little math workshop, we did shared reading using a TFK article about the eyeball, and I was able to share my connection to Patricia Polacco during read-aloud. This reminded me how much I miss the classroom connections with students. Therefore, I have a challenge for everyone. I will enter your name in a drawing to take over your class/job for one hour if you do ONE of the following:

  • Send me an email stating that you will organize "Grandparents' Day" & then set up a meeting for volunteers.
  • Send me an email stating that you will co-chair our Community Picnic planning.
  • Send me an email stating that you will create the NEXT Leader of the month video.

If there are multiple emails, then I will connect everyone who is interested so you can form committees to begin the work. Thank you, in advance, for your help!

Leader of the Month

Please return the iPad to me ASAP.

DO THIS TODAY: Please submit your nominations for January Leaders of the Month CLICK HERE.


When we return from spring break we will complete spring testing. The DRAFT schedules can be accessed on the links below. Please review these schedules and give me feedback on what changes should be considered. The computer lab will be utilized for multiple testing days. Our laptops will be set up in the art room and will be connected to power strips in order for students to complete testing without the risk of computer batteries dying. This means that some art and technology specials will need to be held in classrooms. Additionally, those who sign up for the laptop carts will need to take their classes to the art room as we are NOT unhooking them until the testing window is closed.




As we get closer to wrapping up our book study, I would like EVERY staff member to visit a Leader in Me Lighthouse school in the next 6 weeks. If you have NOT been to a school, please select one of the following listed below. Let me know which one you would like to visit. I will send teams of 4-5 people.

Laptop Sign Up

(insert link with updated schedule for April/May omitting days for MSTEP)

The week ahead...

Monday, February 29

Tuesday, March 1

Wednesday, March 2

Thursday, March 3

Friday, March 4

Spring Data Meetings

Save the Dates: Click HERE for information

Have a great week!


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Swartz Creek Community Schools

MISSION: Swartz Creek Community Schools inspires our learners to embrace challenges, set goals, grow their talents, and realize their dreams for success in a global society.

VISION: Swartz Creek Community Schools provides a world class education through innovative experiences while developing the unique talents of our learners.

- We believe in a culture of learning.
- We believe that student learning should be the primary goal for all decisions made affecting the school district.
- We believe the climate and culture of the school is engaging, nurturing, challenging, and inspires students to express their personal ideas.
- We believe curriculum is integrated, differentiated, meaningful, and pertinent to life.
- We believe in culturally relevant education that provides the knowledge and skills to meet the global challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.
- We believe in continuous improvement informed by critical evaluation and reflection.
- We believe expanding technologies enrich how teachers teach and students learn.
- We believe in building relationships and sharing resources with our community, parents, and staff members.