A Nation of Sports

Sports in Canada-1920's

Sports in Canada

The 1920's were an interesting time period, technology was growing cities were getting bigger, everything was changing. Sports however did not, with more and more people becoming professional athletes the worlds of sports have evolved into one of the most watched events ever. In Canada we are known for our dominance in lacrosse and hockey. With lacrosse being our national sport, the rise of hockey has turned this country into hockey mania. These aren't the only two sports however, baseball (even though Canada did not have a major league team) had become a popular sport in Canada. Basketball was originally invented by a Canadian sports coach and innovator, James Naismith. So sports in Canada have become extremely significant to Canadian history, they have given us a sense of national pride, and they have also helped to give Canada a place on the world stage.

Legends Are Born

With every sport there comes famous legends. A lot of people don't really know about sports stars in the 1920's. For example there was Lionel Conacher who was a multi- talented Canadian athlete, he played: football, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, wrestling, and boxing. He also won a Grey Cup with the Toronto Argos in 1921. He was named Canada's best athlete for the first half of the 20th century. There was famous track star Percy Williams who won double gold in the 1928 Olympics. He set the world record in 100m dash at 10.8 seconds. Williams won 19 of his 21 races and was once known as the best sprinter in the world. So the 1920's was a wonderful time of sports and these two along with others put Canada into a position as a threat when it comes to sports