Mrs. Scallan's Class

Sept 17th 2015

Top Notch Learning

Language Arts:

This week in Language Arts we learned about the Letter Buddy Tall T. We read the Letter Buddy book In The Tent. We brainstormed many T words! We listed and thought of some challenging ones as well. We learned how to properly write the letter T and practiced on paper and on white boards each day! We completed our phonics T pages and identified objects with the T sound. We read many books centered around our Teddy Bear theme! On Thursday, we celebrated the Letter Buddy Tall T with a yummy tea party, Our favorite teddy bears were invited to join us!


In Math this week, we learned about Patterns, We discussed how patterns can be something that repeats itself. There are patterns all around us! We practiced making our own patterns using plastic squares, counting bears, and colored blocks during center time. We made our own patterns with sentence strips and bingo markers. We colored, cut, and completed ab patterns and abb patterns! We also painting trees and added "apples" to each, Ask us to find some patterns for you around the house!

Social Studies

We learned about the season of Autumn. We talked about fall colors. We made patterns out of foam leaves. We used the colors of fall to paint a beautiful self portrait. Next, we sprinkled salt over the water color to add texture. We talked about the attributes of Autumn, listed them, and charted what we liked to do in the season of Autumn! Some books to help us learn about this was Fletcher and the Falling Leaves and the silly story FALL MIXED UP!

Next week

Next week, we will continue to work on our cutting skills and our handwriting skills.We will introduce another LETTER BUDDY! We will learn how to write the letter and brainstorm words that begin with that letter. In Math, We will practice one to one counting. We continue to learn about the season of fall and its attributes!
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Upcoming Events

After care clubs begin on the 21st of September!

Back To School Movie Night will be on Friday, Sept 25th!

Friday, Sept 25th will also be CBA SPIRIT DAY!!! WEAR CRAZY SOCKS