The Vartan Gregorian School Tribune

From the desk of Mr. Russo

December 2019

The first part of the school year is complete. It's been an eventful four months! There is still uncertainty and questions regarding the state takeover. However, Vartan continues to move forward, our community growing stronger on a daily basis. Our teachers have worked tirelessly implementing new programs and delivering high quality instruction. As a team, we will continually strive to reflect and improve on our practices.

As we move forward through the year, we will likely have some resolution as to what programs will be adopted for ELA and Math. The district is considering Wit & Wisdom and ARC for our language (Reading and Writing) program. Here are the links:

The choices for math are:

Once we receive clarity on these decisions, I will pass this information along.

I hope our students are excited to come back to school on Thursday. The second half of the year is always extremely productive.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Sorry for any typos, it's been a very busy stretch and I'm certain that there are a few mistakes. Maybe I'll hire an editor!

Vartan School Pledge

Today is a new day

I am in school to learn and be the best me I can be

I will make new friends

We will make mistakes and learn from them

I promise to be helpful and encourage others

I am proud to be a Vartan Fox

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Vartan Spelling Bee

Thursday, Jan. 30th, 2pm

455 Wickenden Street

Providence, RI

We will be participating the National Scripps Spelling Bee this year. Grades 3-5 will be taking part. All students have been given the spelling words study guide. Here is a brief overview:

1. In late January there will be class Spelling Bees. 3-5 students will move on from every class.

2. January 30 - School Spelling Bee. The top 5 overall students will move on.

3. District Spelling Bee. This will be held at Gilbert Stuart Middle School. Date is not determined yet.

4. 1 winner from the district event will take a spot in the State Spelling Bee.

5. 1 winner will compete in the National Spelling Bee.

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