Fun with Fractals

8th period Math Models/Geometry

What is a fractal?

A fractal is an object whose parts, at infinitely many levels of magnification, appear geometrically similar to the whole. Fractals are an interesting part of mathematics, science, art, and nature. Click the link below to learn a few fractal basics from the Fractal Foundation.

Doodling in Math class...

Watch the video to see how a doodle becomes a familiar fractal.
Doodling in Math Class: DRAGONS

Extreme Close Up!

Best fractals zoom ever

Fractals are everywhere! See fractals in nature. Can you think of any other examples?

Fractals in Nature

Fractal Tree

Visit the Fractal Foundation to play with a fractal tree and see how each branch is just a smaller version of the tree itself!

Fractal Games and generators

Chaos Game

We are going to try the Chaos game as a class. Watch the following video to see an illustration of how to play. After we have collected enough dots, a familiar shape should take form.
The Chaos Game

Want to learn more about fractals?

Explore the following sites to learn more fractal facts, see fractal art, and how students at other schools are investigating the world of fractals.

Share what you know...

Go to the padlet page, and share 3 facts about fractals or just share 3 things you like or find interesting about fractals. See if you can include a picture of a fractal found in nature.