A Look at Our Week

Mrs. Petty & Mrs. Bayn's Preschool Class, Room 206

Looking Back...

While it does not feel too Spring-like outside, it sure looks like Spring in our classroom! Over the past couple weeks we have seen robin eggs hatch, grass seed begin to grow, and caterpillars form a chrysalis. Last Thursday, the first of our butterflies emerged from its chrysalis! We were excited that they began to hatch while the children were in the classroom. Mrs. Bayn was even able to record a video of one of them hatching! Monday morning the children came in to all of the butterflies hatched and fluttering around the net!

Last week we:

  • observed and described the changes in the caterpillars/chrysalis
  • observed and described changes in their grass seed
  • worked on their self portrait
  • finished up our special project
  • worked on sorting objects and describing how objects are sorted
  • worked to label our feelings and what we can do when we feel a certain way
  • listened to and tried to identify different musical instruments

Some skills we worked on include:

  • Self-identity
  • Emotions
  • Empathy
  • Building Relationships
  • Body Awareness
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Concepts about print
  • Writing
  • Alphabetic Knowledge
  • Counting
  • Patterns
  • Classifying
  • Art

Coming up...

We have another exciting week ahead. On Tuesday we are *planning* to release our butterflies! We have to release them so that they can find a safe place to lay their eggs. Ask your child what happens after a butterfly lays its eggs. We have been learning about the life cycle of the caterpillar! On Wednesday we will be taking a little field trip to the Mexican Bakery just across Vinewood.

We will also be working on:

  • acting out one of our favorite stories
  • talking about healthy foods versus sometimes foods
  • finished our butterfly journal
  • learning a bit about Mexican artwork and Cinco de Mayo
  • our large motor skills and counting
  • experimenting and making predictions about paint mixing


  • The end of the school year is quickly approaching. An email will be coming home soon to sign up for our last home visit.
  • We will be having an End of the Year Celebration on Wednesday, May 25th from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m at RHS
  • Our last day of class is Thursday, May 26th
  • We will send home our last Scholastic Book Order for the year later this week.