-Most Significant God in Greek Mythology-


In Joel Skidmores Mythweb.com, Zeus it the most significant god in Greek mythology that portrays an image that is powerful, meaningful, and frightful.


Zeus the ruler of Olympus and earth. He deals with all the problems accuring on earth and on Olympus. He is basically the Governor, the President of the world, because of his power Zeus thinks he can do whatever he wants so sometimes he would have kids with mortal women. He would also strike down those who opposed him.

Background Knowladge About Zeus


For example, Zeus was so powerfull that everyone was afraid of him so no one dared to overthrow him. Zeus became the supreme ruler because of fear.


“Zeus also was accorded supreme authority on earth and on Mount Olympus” (Skidmore).


This shows that my quote supports Zeus description (frightful) because of his power. Some attempted to overthrow Zeus like Hera his wife. The reason she married him is because in rage of her trying to overthrow him he raped her. In shame and fear she married him.


Lastly, Zeus is a fearful God who became the supreme ruler of the world using his power and became the most meaningful. Zeus was the one who made the rules, he made sure that everyone was doing good. He was basically god.

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