Counseling News

In the Classroom

Classroom lessons in April will continue to focus on Problem Solving using STEP. students will have an opportunity to practice problem solving real issues, such as: feeling left out, dealing with gossip and rumors, handling peer pressure, and other playground problems. When we practice Problem Solving we say the problem (without blame), think of solutions (that are safe and respectful), explore consequences, and pick the best solution.
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Tweens and Screen Time

A few years ago I had the privilege to attend a conference "It's Complicated" with Dr. Erin Walsh. She provides excellent information about screens and mental health on her website the sparkandstitchinstitute.com

The recent report on tweens and screen time has some excellent information, and it's not all bad!


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Summer Planning

It's that time of year, that we start thinking about summer planning! Is your child old enough to be home alone? One of the biggest factors, besides age, is to consider your child's maturity level. Please take a peek at the Child supervision guidelines for more information on recommended time limits for each age.

If you are concerned about summer planning (food insecurity, supervision, safety), please reach out! I am always happy to support and brainstorm with you!