progressive presidents


Theodore Roosevelt

Born in New York City on October 27, 1858. Was governor of new York before becoming president. Roosevelt put millions of acres of wilderness under government protection. Roosevelt was the first president in the white house.Roosevelt believed he could use his presidency to better the country.Theodore Roosevelt was in charge of the square deal. The square deal was an idea Roosevelt had that everyone should receive a "square deal".

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Roosevelt was a very dedicated president. Roosevelt was probably on of the nicest, caring presidents this country has had. Roosevelt did what ever he could to better the country and the environment i which our country stands. Roosevelt was very passionate about making sure there was equality between the low class people and the poor people and the rich.


Roosevelt loved to joke around but was always serious when he needed to be. Roosevelt was able to get the support of everyone, everyone believed he could lead pour country and better us. Roosevelt was a very serious man when it came to his presidency. Everything Roosevelt did was to make sure future generations were able to enjoy the new country he had helped make better.


Roosevelt had Put and set aside about 200 million acres of land. Roosevelt saw that many animals were dying because of how many things were being chopped down so Teddy went into action and saved the forests and animals. That's another things bout teddy, if he saw something was wrong he took action immediately.

Theodore Roosevelt's Conservation Influences

William Howard Taft

Taft was the second progressive president. He later became chief of justice in the united states. Taft never really wanted to become president in the fist place, he was aiming to be the chief of justice. Taft was not good as good with politics.Taft fought to limit the power of big corporations. Taft also added land to the national forest system. "trust busting" was on of many reforms enacted at the national level in the early 1900's


Taft was not a very dedicated president. I feel that Taft was not looking to be president and could care less about it. It's not that Taft didn't care about the Nation he just did not know what he was doing. Taft even seemed whiny at times and just moody when it came to politics and his presidency. Taft did not take his job serious enough. Taft was bullied due to his weight which caused him to become depressed. When he was depressed he ate more and gained more weight.Taft was too self involved to be a good leader for the nation.


Taft wasn't know for his productivity in his presidency but he was known for being very generous when it came to the people. People also respected Taft, he somehow managed to be the president and the chief of justice all at once. Although that is great many people dd not take Taft very seriously.

#27 William Howard Taft

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson was the third and last progressive president,he was also the 28th president and was the one to lead america through the war Wilson also supported the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. Wilson was very invested in his school work, earning many degrees in certain subjects. Wilson was an overachiever.

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Woodrow Wilson had a very big impact on America and helped lead us to a place with more equality. Wilson was very determined to succeed as a president and that really helped with hi career. Wilson was highly intelligent and was very good with political things which gave him an advantage over Taft.


Wilson was a supporter of te 19th amendment which helped that amendment move forward. America believed in Wilson and when he proposed that he could lead them into the war without harm they were all skeptical but all ended well in the end.


Wilson was a very professional and serious man. Not even just in his presidency.Wilson kept things professional even when unexpected things sprung on him Wilson found a way to make them work and did not refuse them. Wilson put America before himself and that's the most important thing when you're a president is doing whats best for the people of your country.

President Woodrow Wilson Biography