Review: Doctor Who TV Serial

How Good Or Bad Was The Series?

What Is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Is A TV Show That Is About A Time Lord/Alien That Is In Human Form. The Doctor Has A TARDIS, Which Stands For: Time And Relative Dimension In Space. The TARDIS Is Basically A Time Machine Which Can Travel Anywhere In The World And In Time. Some People They Met Were Vincent Van Gogh And Queen Elizabeth.

Season 1

Season 1 Was Considered A Good Start Off For Doctor Who Fans. The Series Had Many Good Appraisals And Had An Outstanding Performance By Christopher Ecceleston And Billie Piper. Both Had A Very Good Connection In The Serial. However, The Ninth Doctor Sadly Has To Regenerate In His Only Season.

Season 2

The Tenth Doctor, Probably Known As The Best Doctor Yet, Was Starting Off His Years As The Doctor In Season Two. David Tennant Was Known For His Fast Talking Which Praised The Series Even More. The Tenth Doctor's Comedic References In Situations Was Outdone. However, Rose Had To Leave Because She Wanted Her Father, So She Had To Leave To The Other Dimension.

Season 3

Season 3 Looked Liked A Big Upset In The Doctor Who Franchise. Characters That The Viewers Knew About Were Gone. But Season 3 Proved Worthy To Become Part Of The Top Season Lists. It Had Unexpected Adventures With The Doctor's Sidekicks: Martha Jones And Captain Jack Harkness. One Of Their Most Famous Adventures Were When Martha Jones Had To Save The Doctor From His Evil Time Lord Friend: The Master.

Season 4

The Last Season Of David Tennant's Epic Years As The Doctor, His New Companion Donna Noble, Take Off With Outstanding Adventures And Aliens Of No Other Kind. Both Of These Friends Have Very Similar Characteristics And Met Once Before The Season. In The Season 3 Premiere, Donna Noble Is The Doctor's Companion For That Episode Only. However, The Doctor Regenarates Because He Had To Take Donna's Memory Because She Had A Part Of The Doctor's Mind At The Same Time!

Season 5

The Newly Regenerated Eleventh Doctor Is More Of A Charming, Comedic, And Intelligent Kinda Human. Still Following The Fast Talking Trend, Matt Smith Was Able To Curve A Very Good Season With Amy Pond And Rory Williams. The Best Adventure In That Season Was When The Doctor Had To Recreate The Big Bang To Save The Universe!

Season 6

The Eleventh Doctor Has To Face Aliens Named The Silence, Which Are Portrayed Or Heard About Through The Whole Season. However, The Season Was Wonderful With Turns And Twists. Amy Also Realizes That The Doctor's Wife, River Song, Was Amy's Daughter. It Was Figured Out In The Beginning Of The Season, But Was Still Trying To Be Solved At The End.

Season 7

This Season Is The Last Of The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, But A Rise To A New Companion. The Doctor Faces His Most Toughest Enemy Ever: The Weeping Angels. The Aliens Can Send You Back In Time Anywhere If You Don't Look At Them. Amy Pond Wants To Be With Rory Williams (Who Was Zapped By One), So She Gets Touched By One Purposely. But The Doctor Finds Clara Oswald In The Midst Of The Series. After Four To Five Adventures Together, The Doctor Gets Severely Hurt And Has To Regenerate.