Reopen: Recover: Reimagine!

Grimsley H.S. August 2021

GCS Reopening of Schools Information

“Our goal is to serve as many students as possible for the greatest amount of time possible while also keeping students, faculty, staff, parents and our community healthy and safe,” Dr. Sharon L. Contreras, GCS Superintendent.

2021-2022 School Year

Following the unprecedented last 18 months of school, Grimsley High School Faculty and Staff are thrilled to welcome our students back for the 2021-2022 school year.

We all realize and understand that together we have come through an extremely challenging time for our students, staff and families, working together to make the best of a difficult situation.

Now is the time to Reopen. Recover. Reimagine.

This document is designed to give parents and students the opportunity to understand what changes students can expect with our REOPENING health and safety protocols, the RECOVER learning loss opportunities and REIMAGINE teaching and learning plans at Grimsley High School as a 1:1 School.

The District Plan for Scheduling includes students transitioning and attending all 6 classes throughout the school day, transitioning to classes following their assigned schedule.

It is important that families read and understand the content of the guide in order to be familiar with some of the procedures that will change slightly in order to keep everyone in our school community healthy and safe.

School Day 9:20am - 4:20pm

Please note that due to class size we may have to relocate classes to accommodate the number of students in those classes. This will be identified on your child's schedule for the 1st Semester that will be mailed home August 12th.

Students will follow their regular schedule of 6 Periods and also Zero Period if applicable. We will be providing breakfast and lunch to students which will be in available in the cafeteria. Outside lunch areas will be available for students in the Plaza and front Cafeteria patio.

While in the school buildings, everyone will be required to wear a mask (provided if needed) and maintain social distancing when possible.

Health and Safety Goal 2021-2022

Maintain a Healthy and Safe Learning In-Person Instruction at Schools while Preventing Spread of COVID-19 and Decreasing Transmission Rates at Grimsley High School.

Face Coverings, Social Distancing, and other Mitigation Strategies

It is expected that all individuals while in the school buildings will always have a cloth face covering and/or mask (provided if needed) on in the appropriate manner (covering both nose and mouth), unless directed by an adult that it can be removed. The schedule will provide several opportunities for students to take a mask break throughout the day, but only in situations where students are in a large enough space or outdoors.

Also, it is expected when possible that all individuals adhere to the 3 ft. social distancing guidelines, and to the greatest extent possible keep appropriate distance between themselves and others to help mitigate the transmission of the virus.

Students and staff should utilize hand sanitizer available inside classrooms and mounted on walls throughout buildings.

Students and staff should wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Students and staff should cover coughs and sneezes to keep from getting and spreading infectious diseases including COVID- 19.

The disinfectant wipes will be provided by the classroom teacher, and sanitizer will be available throughout the building for students and staff.

Individuals who do not comply with either or other strategies in place to mitigate the transmission will be immediately directed to be picked up by a parent and leave the campus. Students will be sent to the ISS Room, and a parent/guardian will be called to come pick-up their student and they will be allowed to return the following day following a phone conference with the parent and/or guardian.

Parent Responsibilities

It is important that if your student begins to show signs and/or symptoms of COVID, that you keep your student home from school. It is our recommendation that you immediately consult your primary health care provider in order to determine the steps to keep your student and family safe.

Also, should your student receive a positive test it is your responsibility to notify the school immediately so the appropriate steps can be taken to mitigate the transmission of the virus to others. The school will be working closely with the school nurse and the local health care department to determine the steps that need to be taken in order to prevent transmission of the virus.

It is also expected that all parents will comply with the health department’s guidance when notified your student who has either tested positive or was directly exposed to someone who has tested positive.

Remote Learning 2021

If you wish for your child to continue learning remotely, Guilford County Schools provides virtual learning options through Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) and North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS). Students can enroll in any of the available options by contacting their assigned counselor.

GCS - One Card System

Beginning 2021-2022 school year Grimsley High School will be fully implementing the GCS One Card System for School Entry and Student Identification.

Each student will receive their GCS One Card during the 1st Week of School in their Home Room.

OneCard is the Guilford County Schools student identification and access card. OneCard provides many functions, including school attendance, identification, media center checkout, public library access, and more

• Guilford County Schools is committed to the safety and security of all students, staff, and visitors.

OneCard adds an additional safety measure. Everyone on a Guilford County Schools campus will know in a glance who is official. It is a quick, effective way for emergency personnel, who may not be familiar with our students, to identify persons during an emergency incident. Providing a safe and secure environment will foster learning and assist in security for everyone on campus.

• OneCard will assist the student body in preparation for the world after high school, where identification is often needed. Identification cards are required in most workplaces, colleges and universities, and governmental facilities which emphasize the importance of identification and security. We believe the Guilford County School campus is an important place too.

• Each student will be issued a new OneCard at the beginning of the year. All students and staff will have photo IDs, and are expected to wear them daily.

• In addition to fostering a safe learning environment and enhancing school safety and security, the OneCard creates a feeling of unity among students; boosts school identity and pride; and assists with building community partnerships.

The OneCard must be worn on a breakaway lanyard hanging from their neck which will be provided to each student with their One Card.

a. OneCards cannot be worn on a shirtsleeve, pants, outside of pockets, under a coat/jacket or at the bottom of shirt.

b. If a student is wearing a jacket, the OneCard must be on the outside of the jacket and visible.

c. The OneCard must be presented to any school staff member or person of authority when seeking student identification.

d. The front and back of the OneCard must remain plain and free of stickers, markings, other photos, etc.

e. Lost, stolen, altered, damaged, and defaced OneCards must be replaced IMMEDIATELY through the secretary or designated administrator.

f. Cost for replacement is $5.00 for a new IDCard.

g. Replacement lanyards will be available for $1.

h. Students are excused from wearing OneCards during classes where they present a hazard to student safety. They should be properly secured during this time.

3. Teachers will perform a OneCard check at the beginning of each class period each day.

Consequences for not displaying/possessing student ID

1st Violation - Phone call home by Administrator

2nd Violation – Lunch Detention

3rd Violation - 1 Day After School Detention (ASD)

4th Violation - 1 Day In-School Suspension (ISS)

5th Violation - 2 Day In-School Suspension (ISS)

6th Violation - 3 Days In-School Suspension (ISS)

Subsequent Violations will result in the assignment of multiple days of ISS.

These consequences are cumulative for the entire school year. Note: Refusing to provide access

to your ID to an adult on campus is considered an infraction with the student code of conduct.


Students will be able to purchase parking places in assigned parking zones for $50 for the entire school year:

Seniors - Upper Parking Lot

Juniors - Upper Parking Lot

Sophomores - Lower Parking (In front of Tennis Courts)

CoVid19 Symptoms

A student who is displaying CoVid19 symptoms and or has a temperature of above 100.4 degrees or greater will be directed to the sick room and the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately to pick up the student.

Student Devices - Google Chromebooks 1:1

1:1 means that every student will receive a device during the first week of school. If your student currently has a GCS device, they should bring it to school on the first day. Students are responsible for bringing their fully charged Chromebook to school each day. Teachers will continue to use Canvas and Teams as teaching platforms.

More details regarding 1:1 Chromebooks will be shared during the 1st week of school.

GCS Parents Request an Internet Hotspot

Families who need internet access for students learning remotely or for other schoolwork can request a hotspot from their child’s school. These devices are free and will be available to use through the end of the school year.

Visitors & Volunteers

Visitations and Volunteers to the school will continue to be limited as move back to in-person learning. Visitors will need to continue to make appointment times. Also, to the extent possible, the school staff will handle in-person visits by wearing masks, socially distancing(when possible) and by keeping visitors outside as much as possible.


The GCS district and state NCHSAA worked extremely hard to put guidelines in place last year that allowed us to return to sports last school year and have an extremely successful year for our students and school. In accordance with the CDC guidelines wearing a mask while indoors and washing hands are required of everyone at all Fall practices and games, masks are not required for outdoor sports. We are grateful for everyone's understanding and cooperation with our procedures.

Grimsley High School

If you have any questions regarding Reopen. Recover. Reimagine. at Grimsley High School please call the front office.