Races Separated in Africa

What's the Apartheid?

The Apartheid was a segregational period in Africa that separated whites and non-whites. Apartheid, in Afrikaans means "separate" and that's exactly what it did, it separated whites and non-whites into different areas and limited their power.When the Europeans took control of Africa and thought that their race was superior over another race (races). So to show their dominance they set up a system that segregated whites from non-whites.

Key Episodes and Events

The Apartheid is similar to the segregation we had in the USA, except a little more harsh.The non-whites had no clean water, no good education, no money, and basically put them in a closed or fenced in area that had all of this and made them live there. These places were called homelands and were not very "homey".Because of this citizenships were stripped fro black or bantu people in South Africa and people outside the country protested to repeal the Apartheid and refused to trade with them

Who was Involved?

Nelson Mandela played an enormous part in the protest in the Apartheid. He was one of the many Anti-Apartheid Activist in the ANC (African National Congress). Imprisoned for 27 years for being a "hard core protester"in 1962, was elected president of South Africa in 1994. F. W. de Klerk also is important because he ended Apartheid in 1991. He also set free Nelson Mandela and freed all victims.

Where and When

Apartheid took place in South Africa in 1948 and ended in 1991. It was started because the Europeans thought their race was superior over another and to show their dominance over the other races in Southern Africa. F.W. de Klerk knew that Apartheid was wrong and ended it in 1991.


Leading Events to the End of Apartheid

-1948 "Grand Apartheid" was put into action emphasizing territorial separation and police repression

-1950's People had to classified into 3 groups white, black, or colored

-1951 Bantu Homelands established

-1962 Nelson Mandela Arrested

-1991 Apartheid ends

Non-whites live along peacefully and have the same jobs as anyone else. They take up 80% of the population and share the same faculties as everyone.


The Apartheid matters because now everyone gets along and treats each other as equal. A lesson that you learn from Apartheid is that we are equal and should be treated the same. If this event didn't happen the world could still be believing that one race is superior or dominant over another and throw the world in turmoil. So the Apartheid is a huge lesson to show that everyone is equally important and deserves the same treatment.