Internet Safty

Tips to stay safe when using the internet.

Internet safty tips

1. Your tips/rules: Never give out personal information

2. Make separate emails for websites because you can find out a lot about you by your email

3. Keep privacy setting online to private or only friends

4. No matter what people say be careful there information might be a lie

5. If people try to tell you people don’t understand you or they don’t care talk to others because they will care

6. Don’t arrange meeting with people you don’t know even if you’ve been talking for a long time

7. When your online don’t click on adds because they can put a virus on your computer

8. Don’t tell if you’re a boy or girl or any information no matter how trivial it may seem

9. Don’t spend too much time on line and alone because people can convince you easier when you’re alone, and they could be following you

10. If people talk down to you, insult you, or give you bad ideas leave the site

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