United Kingdom

Emerie Adame and Melanie Martinez


United Kingdom is the place we are doing.United Kingdom capital is London.Major Languages welsh,English , Scottish , and Gaelic.The content it is in is Europe.Life Expectancy is 85.15.


United Kingdoms major cities are London,Midland,and Birmingham.


Did you know united kingdoms native animal is called Oasis,Cuttlefish,and Birds. Political Conflicts trying to keep peace in the world. Violent s in the United Kingdom.Unusual conflicts No cows may not be ridden down the road between 10am till 7pm unless they are approved from a co- missioner police.Land must be left to the eldest son.Divorces are not acceptable to the law.


United Kingdom major religion is Catholic.


In the United kingdom it gets really cold sometimes.Sometimes it gets hot.Average rainfall is 20-30 percent of rainfall.It rains differently in parts of the United Kingdom.