Online Bulling

How To Stop Online Bulling

Online Bulling

To Prevent Online Bulling Don't Give Personal Information to people you don't know Like Mobile Number, Email Address Or Pictures Of Your Self On Face Book Or Twitter.Online Bulling Is When People Get bullied On Websites Like Face Book,Twitter and other websites.
How cybersmart are you?

How To Get Help

If You Are Being Bullied Online You Should Tell A Parent Or Carer And Change The Information To Your Account.If You Are Being Bullied Online You Can Call Help Line And Also Tell A Parent Or Carer.

Why we should stop online bully

If you know someone who is getting bullied online back up that person and block the bullies before they destroy their lives and help them to recover from this problem. Report this to their patients or even to the police to help them out and stop the bullies from hurting them or other people who are getting online bullied.
If we don't help them and becomes to later they can injured them self or even kill them self which no one want to lose a friend or someone you know.