Empire of the Sun

Andrew Tao

Empire of the Sun

1. Title

Empire of the Sun

2. Setting

Shanghai, Jaimie's house, internment camp, Air field, stadium

3. Characters

Jim- Jim was the main character in the movie, he started world war 2 and helped the doctor and Basey throughout the film

Basey- Basey was manipulative and tricked Jim into going into a possible mine field but none the less he saved Jim's life multiple times

Japanese Boy- the Japanese boy saved Jim's life when Jim was in the possible mine field. He made a connection with Jim through out the film

4. Symbols

Light- light is seen throughout the film where it shown at the beginning of a scene or at the transition

Weevils- the weevils are a big symbol because they represent the desperation that they had

Can- the man banging the can was like an ominous sign that something bad was about to happen

5. Why this was helpful

This film was very good for us learners to use as a lesson. We could see what it was like for the british and the Chinese were going through during WW2. This movie also gave me a better learning experience because I learn better visually so by watching a movie it helped me myself learn more productively. It was very helpful to me because I am a visual learner and it was good to see it from another perspective because we usually only think of the Nazis when we think of WW2.