African Solutions to African Problems


  • 5.6 million people have HIV/AIDS in South Africa
  • Highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world
  • Children become infected during pregnancy
  • Drop out rates are very high
  • Children not in school are vulnerable to abuse & neglect
  • 5 million children don't eat nutritious meals
  • No sustainable agriculture or water supply
  • High rates of malnutrition


  • Created groups within community to care for vulnerable children
  • Provide drop-in centers for women to help feed, clothe, and educate children
  • Improve healthcare to help reduce HIV/AIDS
  • Provide schooling for children
  • Have vegetable gardens at drop-in centers
  • Create emergency food aid for people
  • Provide tools, livestock, and fruits/ vegetables for community
  • Provide fresh, clean water at drop- in centers

Why A.S.A.P. is the Answer

  • Provides first-aid to children
  • People with HIV/AIDS help with prevention
  • Community healthcare training for women
  • Centers for orphans and vulnerable
  • Provides free education for youth