6th Grade News

Mrs. Czarnecki and Mr. M

Week in Class by Brayden Boots and Cohen Kamaus


In Reading, the class is reading Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor. For each chapter the class has to do worksheets with questions from that chapter. All of the worksheets for that chapter are due the day after the chapter is finished.


In English, the class had a test that was split up from Monday to Wednesday. They have been learning more about prepositional phrases, participle phrases, and infinitive phrases. They have been learning about those for about two weeks. On Part D of the test, the students had to identify the phrase in the sentence and then tell if it is a participle phrase or an infinitive phrase.We also have are spelling and DOL test on Friday.

We also have our weekly D.O.L. and spelling that all can be found on Mr. M's website here.


In Math, kids are learning about numerical and algebraic expressions and variables. They also are learning how to simplify more complex and long algebraic expressions. They started their unit this week.


In Science, students have started a new unit. The unit includes Life Science and Physical Science. Mrs. Czarnecki said it will be a lot more fun than the last kit.

Social Studies

Social Studies In class, students are learning about the Nile River Valley. The first section the class read was called, The Gift of the Nile. It was about what benefits the Nile River had to Egypt. The second section the class read was called, The Kingdoms of Egypt. It was about the kingdoms of lower and upper Egypt. The third section the class read was called, Ancient Egyptian Culture. It was about the culture of ancient Egypt. The last section the class read was called, Nubian and Kushite Civilizations. It was about two civilizations called Nubia and Kushite

Tech Lit:

6A has to make their dream vacation. It has to include an itinerary that we would do you get to choose where you would go.

Upcoming Important Dates

The important days of the month include: The Fiction Story is due on March 20th when we come back from Spring Break. It will be due when the English hour starts. Next week, we will have early outs on Tuesday the 7th, next Thursday the 9th, and Spring Break starts in two weeks on the 11th.

Lisbon Band Concert Review by Meghan Cooley

The 5-12 grade concert was on Tuesday 28. It started at 7:00pm and went to around 8:00pm. The fifth graders played four tunes, sixth graders played two, 7-8 and 9-12 both played two. Our band director was Rian Swedean.

We have two interviews one from a 6th Grade percussion player, and one from a anonymous viewer.

Here is Quinn Felderman:

Q: What is five words to describe the band concert?

A: We could have done better.

Q: Why do think that?

A: We hit more than a few wrong notes, but overall it was not bad. And the songs were all a little challenging.

And this is our anonymous viewer:

Q: What was your opinion on the concert?

A: Well, I thought it was good. My favorite song was the Midnight Patrol, played by the sixth graders. It sounded like marching.

Student of the Week by Parker Sauser, Landon Stolte, and Cohen Kamaus

Student of the Week: Landon Stolte

Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Food: Steak

Least Favorite Food: Steamed Vegetables

Family: Abbie, Jeremy, and Lauren

Hobbies: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and 4H

Favorite Sports Teams: M.L.B.: St. Louis Cardinals, N.H.L.: Washington Capitals, College Basketball: Iowa Hawkeyes, College Hockey: Boston College Eagles

Born: Mercy Hospital

Student of the Week: Jaime McFarlane

1.) What is your favorite subject?: Math

2.) Family: Joni, Jordin, and Chase

3.) Favorite Lunch: Italian Dunkers

4.) Favorite Food: Mac n Cheese and Spaghetti

5.) Hobbies: Volunteer at the barn

6.) Favorite Color: turquoise

7.) Favorite Sport: Softball

Student of the Week: Brayden Boots

Favorite food: Tostito's pizza

Least Favorite food: Brussel Sprouts

Favorite Animal: chameleon

Favorite color: dark blue

Favorite sports teams: Cubs, Buccaneers, Warriors, Blackhawks, and USA

Favorite Subject: Reading

Favorite things to do in school: Worksheets, not textbook sheets

Least favorite things to do in school: Study

Things to do in free time: Play outside with neighbors

Family members: Mommy, Daddy, Brycie, Baylor, Brayden, Lizzy

Favorite Vacation: Tennessee


AAU State Wrestling by Zak Strecker

The 25th and 26th of February was AAU State Wrestling in Des Moines, Iowa. All wrestling took place in the Wells Fargo Arena. Friday, the 24th, at 7:30 p.m. was Weigh In. The Weigh In was located at South East Polk Middle School. Wrestling started Saturday at 10:30 a.m. The 7/8th graders started at about 4:00 p.m. There were 15 mats. On Sunday, the Grand March started at 9:30 a.m. The semi-finals started after the Grand March was over. The final placings for the Lisbon Mat Pack wrestlers were: Braxton Kurtenbach at the 260lb. Division C weight class placed 2nd, Brock Baltes at the 140lb. Division A weight class placed 4th, Quincy Happel at the 80lb. Division C weight class placed 3rd, Cade Siebrecht at the 75lb. Division C weight bracket placed 3rd, and Cole Clark at the 160lb. Division C weight bracket placed 7th

Lisbon Lunch Review: By Luke Czarnecki

Today's lunch was green eggs and ham, chili crispitos, and vegetables.

I'd give this lunch an 8/10 because the food was good, but not as good as it could be. The green eggs and ham was scrambled eggs with “ham” in it. It was flavorless. I ate a little bit of it until somebody flicked them at me. The eggs were OK, though. The chili crispitos, I heard, were not as good as the other times they served it. I heard that they were as hard as a rock. And as for the vegetables, they were good, but were doused in water. I got a tray of 75%water and 25% vegetables. They were good, too. Of all the bad things I said, lunch was good this week, and that is all I have.

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