The Fairgrounds Come To Prairie

Prairie Middle Schools Finest World's Fair Yet!

The Fair Itself

Welcome to the fair! With more exhibits, more information, and more technology, the students could have made this the best fair yet. Creating a spin-off of the 1893 World' Fair in Chicago, the students created fantastic boards and projects to demonstrate the new, old technology. Ending their two week creation on Thursday, October 25th, the students watched as their creations were put to the test, being placed on their perch to be viewed by the rest of the student body on Friday, October 26th, 2012. The next day, the projects would have an audience filled with hundreds of excited kids, eagerly trying to see what their classmates had come up with. The next day, the media center had filled up. There was just enough room to walk through the exhibits without tipping any over. Music played from the radio project, in which they brought an actual radio. Many students brought miniature contraptions for a more real look to their boards. The teachers all lined the walls, staring at all the projects they would have to grade. The fair was booming with excitement.

Personal Favorites

  • Levi Jeans - by Natalie Williams
  • Roller Coaster - Felipe Rojas
  • Radio - Briana Brewer
  • Aquariums - Anjali Nananana
  • The Amazing Kinetograph - Unknown

Informacion de mi Favorito

Acuarios son utilizados en todo el mundo, tanto si están en los museos, las reservas oceánicas, o simplemente casas. He optado por mirar en acuarios, por Anjali, y ver cómo llegaron a ser. Inventado por Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, la "Caso de Wardian" (Wardian Case), fue la insperacion por el Acuario. Los botanicos y biologos expiramentian en como creer una hogar para plantas y animales. En los 1800's un tanque de cristal fue usado por captivar animales, y eso es como Acuarios llego a ser. Ahora, tanques son usados mucho, y son muy comunes en casas. Anjali hici un buen trabajo hiciendo este projecto, y miro fantastico!
1893 World's Fair - History Fair Documentary