Winston Churchill

Overcoming Obstacles


Winston Churchill was born on November 30th, 1874. He was born in Blenheim Palace, United Kingdom. He was a slow learner at an early age. People also said he had ADHD and dyslexia. Winston was not a popular kid growing up. He was bullied for all the disorders he had. Winston was eaisly distracted in subjects he did not like or understand. At age fourteen he got a lisp and was bullied even more. As he got older, he went into the military during World War 1. This helped him realize he was not that different form anyone els. After he got out, he began to focus more on politics. As he studied longer and worked harder, during World War II, he became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The people of England loved him. He was becoming more successful. As Winston got older he sufferd a severe stroke and unfortunatley passed at the age of 90, on Janurary 24th, 1965.

Overcoming his obsacles


The conflict is man vs. society. He had to deal with personal issues that people would blame him for. He struggled with other people putting him down because of his own diffuculties. He learned to cope with them and not blame himself. All of this made him into a better person.

Extra Information...

- He had ADHD.

-He won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

-winston Churchill is British, While his mother was American.

Insperational Quote

"To improve is to change, To be perfect is to change often."


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