figure skating

winter olympics

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history of figure skating

international figure skating competitions were first held in veinna in 1882 figure skating events for women,men and pairs were olympic events in 1908. ice dancing was added in 1976
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how the sport is played and rules

in events for single skaters: each skater performs twice in a short program which lasts for 2 minutes. the competitor must skate seven set movements the skater can perform these moves in any order to music they chose themselves. the second program is a freestyle event in witch the skater performs a routines' of jumps, spins and turns. men skate for 4 and a half minutes and women only skate for 4 minutes. in events for pairs: partners perform spins, lifts throws and jumps in a short program that lasts for 2 and a half minutes. each pair also skates a freestyle program witch they planned themselves to music of their choice. this program lasts four and a half minutes. ice dance: ice dancers skate to a dance rhythm accompanied by music. thee competition is in three parts. in the first part the skaters perform compulsory dances in the second part is a set pattern dance .and in the third part is a freestyle dance. in ice dance partners are not allowed to lift their partner above their shoulders.

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is it a team or indivadual sport

it is a team and individual sport.

what is figure skating

this is figure skating

australian compettitor

singles ladies kailani crane men singles Brenden Kerry pairs alexndravox Ekaterina Windsor harly and we have none for ice dance

equipment used

all you need is a pair of ice skates a ice skating ring and a nice costume
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