Are Kids Sports Too Intense?

By Fernando Toledo

Are Kids Sports too intense?

Yes, kids sports are to intense. They are time consuming, stressful and cause serious injuries.

time consuming

If kids are in sports they will have practice and practice takes awhile and they will have little time to do homework.


That some kids get mad when during a game they don't get enough playing time and feel like their not part of the team and just feel like quitting.


"Eric Lay, the head trainer at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School, loves to see student athletes succeed, but he and fellow trainers aren't always impressed with fastballs or hat-tricks. They're more concerned about whether the athletes can do a decent push-up without their body undulating like a worm." (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) This article discusses a "growing push among trainers and others in fitness fields to get schools, parents, coaches and kids back to basics with physical fitness. Instead of focusing primarily on acquiring fitness through organized youth sports an exploding business with many well-meaning but poorly trained coaches they want parents and kids to refocus and acquire proper movement skills beginning as early as kindergarten and progressing all the way through high school."
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