The Identalists

Know Yourself. Trust Yourself. Be Yourself.

Calm Serenity

Find yourself in our beautiful community today. You really are one in a million in our close-knit community.

Emerson Island

The picturesque landscape of Emerson Island is just what you are looking for! Our rural citizens and the people of our central town, Walden, work together to keep our Emerson Island in mint condition. Our community values our natural resources and strives to ensure they are not squandered. We encourage our citizens to support each other and work together to accomplish community self-reliance.

The Grass is Always Greener on the Emerson Side

Emerson Island is equipped with everything one would need to find perfect peace. From rugged mountains to bounding shorelines, Emerson Island is the ideal location to take a permanent hiatus from all of your worries. Our central town, Walden, is located around Walden Pond, a majestic place of tranquility.